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yendor, Jan 16, 10:25am
An update. We have purchased a Subaru XV. Interestingly Subaru have changed their warranty for 2021 dropping to 3 years/100k from 3 years/unlimited. We have a 2020 model with the unlimited k warranty.
This was the best combination of ride comfort and quietness we could find without spending big money.
We drove 20 different cars in the end.
Thanks for everyone's input.

saxman99, Jan 16, 10:45am
Yes it has, quite a few cars now have it.

tamarillo, Jan 16, 12:56pm
Yeah. Glad found something. Agree that not enough consideration is given to noise and comfort levels.

yendor, Dec 10, 10:02pm
No more company car, have to buy something of our own. 40 minute commute, Hamilton to Morrinsville.
Must be safe & comfortable, last car was a ZB Commodore.
So far we have driven
Kia Cerato GT - To noisy and stiffly suspended
Mazda CX30 GTX - bit gutless even though it was the 2.5L
Ford Focus Active - Seat backs seem a bit narrow, but not bad
Your ideas please.

saxman99, Dec 10, 10:25pm
BMW 5 Series. 525i for reasonable power v economy. 540i or higher for power, 520d for super economy.

kazbanz, Dec 10, 10:55pm
A big hybrid. Camry ,Sai or the Lexus equivalent. Power and fuel economy

franc123, Dec 10, 11:53pm
What are you looking to spend and what types of vehicles do you have a preference for? There is a huge choice of suitable vehicles that would do that job well.

stevo2, Dec 11, 5:52am
^^^ Exactly what I was going to suggest. No mention of budget or the style of car/suv you want.

nice_lady, Dec 11, 6:56am
Hyundai elantra. Nice to driver not too big and not too small. Economical.

msigg, Dec 11, 7:04am
Yes second the Camry, good for 400k, hard to beat, might be hard to find a good one as the taxi's snap them up.

lythande1, Dec 11, 7:34am
What does she want? Perhaps a Rav 4 or something?

cabrio1, Dec 11, 7:34am
Just put a deposit on new Kia stonic.
Very quiet compared to the Kia Gt model we drove.
Higher seating, mrs is excited but have to wait till march for delivery.

tgray, Dec 11, 8:09am
Did you like your last car?

3tomany, Dec 11, 8:18am
If so ZB would be the cheapest car out there, Good bang for buck but poor resale.

aoc1, Dec 11, 8:34am
Suzuki Vitara Turbo they are fun to drive and economical

lovelurking, Dec 11, 8:50am
Ford Escape? Love mine.

vtecintegra, Dec 11, 9:31am
If they thought the CX-30 was gutless then they're really not going to like the Elantra

I think coming from a Commodore (presumably with the 2l turbo) you're going to want something turbocharged or a hybrid to get the level of torque you're used to.

intrade, Dec 11, 10:06am
Dont get a suv type because they are giving fals sense of savety . The law of phisics is not removed with electronic stability just masked.
Rest is obviously depending on how much money .
Rule is do not buy direct injected petrol they suffer the same as diesel and new ones have gasoline particulet filters.
this is based on that the last car was fast round corners. The dont buy suv they are dangerous and you dont know untill your upside down or worse.

amasser, Dec 11, 10:57am
For a commute to Morrinsville, any car would do. What does he really want?

yendor, Dec 11, 2:11pm
She is not happy with Electric just yet although I would be.
We have been told that a Hybrid will give no benefit on open rd driving?
The ZB was ok, yeah.
Test drive of Escape & Puma coming although I am not a fan of SUV's
Not a great warranty on Subaru's, only 3 year.

m16d, Dec 11, 2:39pm
What colour does she want.

tygertung, Dec 11, 3:26pm
I would suggest that the main factor should be fuel economy if one is travelling such a long distance. Really any car these days has plenty of power for the open road. You can only go 100 at the most (Yes even when passing).

kazbanz, Dec 11, 3:38pm
I would strongly suggest driving one of the hybrids I recommended. Open road great fuel economy but also heaps of oomph

tamarillo, Dec 11, 5:07pm
Skoda superb, big , comfortable, and variety of engines. Excellent open road car.

stevo2, Dec 11, 7:48pm
We rented a Camry Hybrid in Oz for a few weeks. It returned 5lt/100km overall city and touring, 4 up with luggage. I thought that was great for a largish car.

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