Do all 2011+ jeep grand cherokees have DEF tank ?

intrade, Sep 6, 8:24pm
it depends on what emissions it comply to if it has a def tank then it has 3 things it will have a diesel cat stage 1 emission. it will have a dpf the dpf and cat are almost always one unit . And then stage 3 a selective catalist reactor going nuclear with piss injection to reduce the nox who are by the way invisible before and after treatment .
Now the good thing is if it has def or adblue piss container then you normally dont have EGR as the egr was doing the nox and now the secondary Nox muffler is doing the job the egr used to do

tamarillo, Sep 6, 11:18pm
Coincidently read about a deal whereby eco diesel owners could get a rebate because the engines didn’t live up to claimed emissions. But eco diesel didn’t come in until 2014 when it simply took over from older version. So based on that a 2011 isn’t an eco diesel. Reckon that also means it won’t have the DEF. it that’s merely an assumption.

intrade, Sep 7, 9:18am
biggest problems is 2 things usa have close to 0 diesel = you wont get any parts from rockauto . and number 2 modern diesel are ultra expensive to correctly service and if you dont like most are the problems pile up and then the dominos start falling plonk-- plonk plonk plonk plonke -- $$$$----$$$---$$$---$$$$$$$$$$-
---or as end result Boom! once you paid to fix all the already fallen dominos. is what that looks like.

tony9, Sep 7, 9:42am

intrade, Sep 7, 10:06am
yea there is exemptions i said that as general rule also look what parts are acturaly there like i looked to buy a ford transit as ford wont function without oem parts and there is like only 1 or so engine.
for my vw tdi for example the PD was never sold so 0 zip nada parts for that engine wise . i got rear shocks from the petrol sports model .
its a wise idea to buy a vehicle that was sold in the configuration in usa in large ammounts as the us pay about 25% for parts then what we get charged here.
adblue will be euro 6 emissions with urea-injection. my bora is euro 3 with diesel cat no dpf
full compreahensive research if its the same engine needs to be done. otherwise only shocks and body panels etc can be gotten cheap. and them injectors are cheap about 40% cheaper then what we pay here its 1500$ about per injector times 6 on a v6 thats ultra mega bux just to keep emissions not going nuclear. and you wont see when dominos fall as there is no smoke. signs are higher oil level and or any sign of a not 100% smooth running is a domino rocking back and forward on a modern diesel. id change the fuel filter every 10,000km on one of them euro 6 things and air cleaner oil and everything only oem components as in manufacturer not the brand name oem. as oem stuff is just a name of a brand to try and trick you in to thinking its factory stuff.
rock auto do list in discriptions if a component is original manufacturer or aftermarket. its worldwide the best lowest prices to buy stuff.

intrade, Nov 23, 5:49pm
They're getting some good power out of a 3L diesel turbo motor,
getting about 30 kW more than a 3.2 turbo ranger.


mals69 (167 167 positive feedback) 5:34 pm, Mon 7 Sep #7
thats because you can ramp up Nox to maximise horsepower and threat it in the last muffler . Vw had the problem of running out of def -adblue fluid so a programm got written in to the system to turn it off and detect when on rollers aka emission test to be on fully What got the emission scandal going. everyone on the planet did know about it only the knotheads in california claim they found out it was cheating.

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