Fitting a LPG tank.costs!

jazzyjack1, Nov 25, 9:27am
What do these cost! For a whole conversion! I googld NZ it but found nothing. Can you replace the factory gas tank to not use the boot space in the back of the 4x4!

mileyfan73, Nov 25, 9:31am
don't know nowdays but back in '84 my dad paid $1100 to get one put in his Nissan Sunny!

alan1111, Nov 25, 9:36am
Be more helpfull if had vehicle make etc

jazzyjack1, Nov 25, 9:58am
1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 straight 6

stabi360, Nov 25, 10:00am
i think that model is more commonly known as 1998 Jeep Cherokee 4.0 straight to the next gas station if we make it

jmma, Nov 25, 10:09am

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