73 Falcon Coupe body dimeensions

buyer...seller, Jan 25, 8:16pm
Please help, as advice info is needed.
1973 Falcon body or frame dimensions needed please. I have a falcon coupe and the front appears to be slightly bent from an accident sometime earlier on in its life. I need the body or frame dimensions usually with a picture of the points its measured from ( not the wheel alignment specs ) to see if it is bent and see if it needs to go a chassis straightening machine. Thanks in advance

franc123, Jan 25, 8:25pm
That information should be in the factory shop manual that Ford Australia issued for that car, it definitely is for the later ones.

buyer...seller, Jan 25, 8:34pm
Thanks. Any idea where i would get one of those shop manuals

muppet_slayer, Jan 25, 8:39pm
A panel beater with a chassis straightener should have the info. If you work with them (and act like they will get the job if it is bent) they might give you the dimensions to check before you take it to them.

buyer...seller, Jan 25, 9:39pm
I'll try that. Cheers

lookoutas, Jan 26, 5:01pm
Get it on a hoist and do some cross measuring. Just remember that people assembling these might have gone to the pub for lunch. They are not as accurate as you might think they should be.
It costs money to get the specs, so don't expect to rock in and get it for nothing.
I know someone who would gladly relieve you of the problem :-)

lookoutas, Jan 26, 7:45pm
The front of any XA to C Falcon of any body style will be the same.

buyer...seller, Jan 26, 10:14pm
Thanks for that. Just waiting for a couple of people to get back to me tomorrow. Yeah paying is fine, nothing is free. Somebody sent me some specs but it appears they were for a XL-XP falcon or similar ( those ones were free. Lol ) However, a few people have tried to help which is great.

lookoutas, Jan 31, 7:49pm
Have you found anything?
But if you get measurements, you still have to get it up on a hoist to apply them. If you've got it on a hoist and you've got a tape in your hand, you don't need the friggin measurements. Although they would be handy.
Then there's the ability that is either in your wiring, or it isn't. That's called the Eyecrometer.
If you can't sort it from there, then you don't have the correct wiring system to know what you're doing. So you need to pay someone to measure it.

If we have to obtain these specifications for a vehicle, it's about $100.

muppet_slayer, Jan 31, 10:37pm
Of course you need the measurements because what you also get with the measurements is the points of where they are measured from. You can't just measure them anywhere, unless you have a straight body/chassis to use as a guide, and are comparing measurements.

lookoutas, Feb 2, 6:01pm
You missed the part where I said the measurements would be handy.
Without them it converts to straight-out knowledge and experience, coupled with Braille and that Eyecrometer, all connected with a well tweaked wiring system.

buyer...seller, Feb 2, 9:55pm
oh yes. I found a shop manual on line on a forum in Aussie with the actual body / frame measurements. So that was handy. Thank you very much for your help though. Much appreciated

redhead18, Feb 3, 2:35am
Reply appreciated AND Respected.
So 73 XA Coupe 2502V? mmmm


lookoutas, Feb 5, 7:11am
So - was it bent?

buyer...seller, Sep 17, 6:09pm
No. The front cross member was the culprit. That had been hit and poorly repaired and had slightly pulled the inner guards. Apparently after measuring the rest its all within 3mm which is great. So another cross member going in so all will be good.

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