Ford Falcon XR6 2010 FG

shall, Feb 28, 1:49pm
car died yesterday and all the warning messages on the screen, traced it to the injector fuse blowing, and replaced it and it started but blows every minute, so obviously a short omewhere still,
anyone had any experience in this issue before ?

monaro17, Feb 28, 2:07pm
If you haven’t already, post this on the Australian Ford Forums website under the appropriate section -(FG to FGX)
You are far more likely to get a resolution there

evotime, Sep 8, 8:04am
Chaffed loom shorting at a guess buy one of these in the same size and start wiggling the loom one section at a time until it stops tripping that gives a general location to begin looking harder.

Could be mice with the same result

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