EL XR6 high oil pressure

1madvl, Nov 3, 6:02am
I have a 1997 EL XR6 Falcon which i have owned for a couple of months now. It has always run a reasonably high oil pressure but i have noticed recently that once warm the gauge is usually going rite up to the red line and today on my way home i noticed it get rite to the top of the red mark a few times but dropped back to just under it after a short time.
Could this be the same problem as jason17 may be having or is it more likely something else like head gasket etc!
The car has done 216k and it is running 15w40 oil.


unbeatabull, Nov 3, 6:09am
Could have a blocked oil gallery somewhere along the line. I can't remember which year the Falcons switched from 15w40 to 10w30, but doubt it would make that much of a difference.

Would probably pay to get a gauge hooked up and check the actual pressure to see if it does actually have high pressure or if it's just the gauge.

nave12, Nov 3, 7:03am
Could be the sender switch getting a bit old and getting temperamental sending odd signals to your gauge,when was the last oil and filter change!,also whats the oil level like when checked.

1madvl, Nov 3, 7:22am
Oil was changed about 3k ago and the level is right on the full mark when cold. The only other thing i have noticed is that the radiator overflow is right on the full mark when cold but when hot it is quite close to the low mark and seems to have some white bubbles on the top from what i can see through the resevoir. The temp gauge however is just at the bottom of the "normal" section of the gauge and the engine bay doesn't seem to be too hot.

unbeatabull, Nov 3, 7:23am
Auto or Manual!

1madvl, Nov 3, 7:23am
Just read the comments on that link and seems like might be a similar cause. will get a gauge tomorrow and see what that tells me.

unbeatabull, Nov 3, 7:24am
I'd get a head gasket check done on it, coolant level normally doesn't vary that much on them between the two. Hows the coolant look! No oil blotches etc in it!

msigg, Nov 3, 7:28am
something may not be right here. The radiator over flow bottle should be lower when cold and higher when hot(as the water heats up it expands so the bottle should be higher when hot. I would get a test done at the garage on the water system and your oil pressure gauge. Good luck.

johnf_456, Jan 27, 8:55pm
As above