1972 XA GT Falcon.

laurelanne, Jan 24, 6:45pm
Opps, I think I was a bit slow on the buy now. This Falcon has just been relisted, minus the 72XAGT number plate for $175,000.00.

gunhand, Jan 24, 6:53pm
Is it the one with the non original motor?

laurelanne, Jan 24, 6:59pm
I didn't get to talk to the guy gunhand, but it was a car that I aspire too, and it looked like good value.

laurelanne, Jan 24, 7:07pm
That's the one gunhand. One things for sure. It won't sell so quick this time. I remember saying at the time to my wife. That car would start at $100,000 in Australia. The bonus was, she liked it.

gunhand, Jan 24, 7:12pm
I did a total respray few years back on a two owner one with some very rare options and also have a friend down here with a very nice numbers matching one. These old girls of all makes are certainly getting very expensive.

laurelanne, Jan 24, 7:21pm
That is one thing I like about the XAGT. The last of the real GT Falcons and the one off options as they slipped in the HO components to tidy up their house keeping.

laurelanne, Nov 7, 7:15pm
Did anyone else see this, what appeared to be a mint car, advertised for sale in Ashburton yesterday. I rang and left a message saying I would ring back this morning. Next thing, poof, gone. Must have been a good one.

marte, Nov 7, 9:06pm
How much?

heads1st, Nov 7, 9:32pm
Asking price was $85,000.

laurelanne, Nov 8, 10:35am
Nice looking car serf407, but it's still for sale. I would say the man that now owns the XA, is a very happy man.

sw20, Nov 8, 10:46am
For a $20k car they could have taken some decent photographs.

john1623, Nov 8, 3:20pm
Had an XD once one of the worst cars I have had.Didnt know they came in 4wd.

franc123, Nov 8, 7:20pm
Lol nobody is going to agree to pay that for an XD without seeing proper photos of it. It's obviously got a lot of faults.

cliffmate, Nov 8, 7:57pm
I’ve got an XD and the rust is always the challenge to stay on top of. But $20k for a lack of photos seems strange. Also, I would not suspect $20k for an XD would be right, however, they’re 40 years old now and prices aren’t staying stagnant.

muzz67, Nov 8, 8:12pm
Pretty sure if I was selling it ,I wouldn't post a pic of it entering a burn-out area.

sw20, Nov 8, 8:27pm
Would have been a selling point 20 years ago when even a V8 one was a $5k car.

laurelanne, Nov 8, 8:55pm
Obviously, very few people saw and appreciated what appeared to be an exceptionally well kept XA GT Falcon. I am still feeling a bit pissed off that I never got to talk to the owner before it was sold. I had permission from my minister of finance to purchase this vehicle.

sw20, Nov 8, 9:01pm
Not quite the same league as an XA GT Falcon but I sold my NZ New GT Corolla hatch in two hours from listing.

richardmayes, Oct 27, 1:10am
Always garaged, one careful lady owner.

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