2011 mazda 2 2.0 litre cvt-good ok or bad cars ?

peanuteater, Aug 20, 9:00pm
looking at one n.z. new 75km, any known problems especially CVT ofr are these overall ok cars subject to usual inspections ? T.I.A

vtecintegra, Aug 20, 9:19pm
It won't be a 2l, either a 1.3 or 1.5 and I'm pretty sure the NZ new cars were all the old 4 speed auto.

peanuteater, Aug 20, 9:41pm
Oopps. My mistake. I put mazda 2 instead of mazda 3. It is a 2 litre. It does have a cvt trans .

bagal, Aug 20, 10:11pm
Mazda 3 with a CVT?

msigg, Aug 21, 7:07am
Yes these are good cars, plenty around, most common complaint is road noise, may depend on tyre selection. Seen plenty with 200k on the clock.

vtecintegra, Aug 21, 8:19am
That won't have a CVT either (should be a normal 5 speed auto)

I've had a few Mazda3s and they've all been reliable but they don't seem to hold up cosmetically as well as a Toyota or whatever (thin paint and seat fabric that wears and fades) and as above they suffer from more road noise than average.

tamarillo, Aug 21, 8:40am
Excellent cars and being NZ new you get reassurance of history. Tough and have no problems. Top seller in Aussie which bodes well. Doesn’t use cvt.

kazbanz, Aug 21, 9:21am
Ifit is a mazda 3 and as you say it has "cvt" transmission then almost certainly you are looking at a 2012 skyactive model. easy to tell because the plastic rocker cover cover (yea a cover for a cover) is blue instead of grey. The only potential issue I see with these is that they were really intended to run on 95 octane fuel. "they" say the nz version runs on 91 but I'm just not sure. its an "in the head'thing rather than any proven facts. Its awfully high compression for 91 imo.
if it is in fact CVT transmission -not just a tick box accidently ticked then IMO its a mazda Axella which is the name used in Japan for their market model

peanuteater, Aug 21, 10:11am
Many thanks for the replys. I will clarify with seller.again. thankyou all !

kazbanz, Aug 21, 10:28am
If we had the registration number we will be able to use carjam to give you a much better idea as to whats going on.
if its a dealer then its possible that the wrong box was ticked when it was listed

vtecintegra, Aug 21, 12:20pm
The Skyactiv model is a 6 speed conventional auto (it's a similar drivetrain to the 2014+ models).

mimo9, Dec 3, 2:47pm
if its 2011 2nd generation with a 2.0 it is a conventional automatic, if its a 1.5 of the same shape then its likely a CVT. good cars, good engine.

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