2012 Mondeo Clutch Kit . Suggestions on Suppliers

eilgor, Feb 16, 4:14pm
Hey Guys - looking for a 6DCT450/MPS6 clutch kit for my Mondeo - genuine part is $8400+GST - I can get from Alltranz in Auckland for $2600+GST but wondered if the community here knew of a way to get it cheaper? I've heard that LUK parts are good replacements for genuine but cant seem to find them on mr Google . thoughts and advice sought. Thanks, Alex

tamarillo, Feb 16, 5:25pm
Rock auto in states are fantastic. Thinking that mondo was called fusion in states but you’d need to dig a bit to check same clutch kit.

franc123, Feb 16, 6:08pm
You need to be getting access to the Ford part numbers for what you need before going any further, obviously a written quote from an agency is the best way to get this. They already know that nobody is going to pay the value of the entire car for a clutch kit.
It's a no brainer that you should be sourcing these parts from overseas.

apollo11, Feb 16, 6:11pm
Ouch! Eight and a half grand. And you can break down your old clutch for the precious metals contained inside.

sw20, Feb 16, 6:14pm
This isn’t a manual trans car, this is the wet clutch Powershift DCT.

gph1961, Feb 16, 6:36pm
boo who

poppy62, Feb 16, 8:16pm
Give Neil a call at Auckland Clutch in Kingsland.

gazzat22, Feb 17, 4:17pm
Wouldnt it be worth investigating the price(s) of a new or reconditioned one.?

tamarillo, Feb 17, 4:49pm
ah! RockAuto may not be able to help then - I am guessing the fusion didn't use it.

ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/MPS6-6DCT450-Clutch-Kit-with-New-Front-Cover-Position-Bushing-For-FORD-VOLVO-/164355039315

trouser, Feb 17, 5:13pm
helpful. Prices in NZ can be stupidly expensive compared to overseas. That clutch pack can be had for about $2k overseas.

clark20, Feb 17, 6:38pm

esprit, Feb 17, 8:53pm
Had my 6DCT450 clutch replaced, used the Alltranz clutch kit. Needed a bunch of stuff doene was about 6k all up including labour.

gph1961, Feb 17, 9:01pm

evotime, Feb 17, 9:13pm
there was a few that went to the wreckers with power shift problems in my ford days.

Don’t forget to add the cost of the fluid and filter to the cost it’s not cheap. Then the relearn on ids so scan tool charge plus labour.
From memory the complete box was about 12-13k! So that’s not going to happen.

But yeah there’s a few on the Uk equivalent of trademe for about a thousand £, + freight +gst + fluid/filter + fitting + scan tool even then your still going to spend a fortune to hopefully fix it if it doesn’t also need a mechatronics unit.
Yours isn’t the 1st and won’t be the last unfortunately.

gph1961, Feb 17, 9:34pm
stick it on the mortgage

esprit, Sep 12, 5:00pm
The gearboxes are actually quite reliable. Clutches last about 200,000km. And when replaced will do another 200000km. There is a fault where sometimes as the clutches get old the brittle plastic spring damper ends on the flywheel can break up and clog the valve body causing an expensive malfunction as the box nmand valve body needs to come apart to clean it out. That kind of failure isn't mega common but can happen.

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