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bexx13, Apr 4, 12:05am
Have been trying to get my rear brakes balanced on my 1990 Telstar, so far I have fitted new brake shoes, new cylinders to both sides, replaced the old fluid with new dot 4 fluid and readjusted the handbrake. I have swapped the drums from side to side and they are still out. I have a 39% imbalance on the VTNZ brake machine.(left side is stronger). Any suggestions! Thanks

mugenb20b, Apr 4, 12:07am
*Facepalm*. Don't go to VTNZ.

mugenb20b, Apr 4, 12:09am
But, the only thing left to look at would be the proportioning valve.

johnf_456, Apr 4, 12:11am
Step 1: do not go to vtnz, they are utter morons and personally I find a trusted mechanic much better who can engage and apply common sense. That seems to have gone out the windows with "some" imports to nz.

I'd be looking at the proportioning valve.

mugenb20b, Apr 4, 12:13am
Some "imports" know their stuff.

johnf_456, Apr 4, 12:14am
Changed to "some", but a lot of the crap failed mechanics we have in Auckland vtnz's is crazy. I see the screws up daily. But if you think vtnz are good then good for you.

mugenb20b, Apr 4, 12:20am
You don't have to change it to "some", I didn't take offence to that. And I agree with your opinion of VTNZ 100%.

johnf_456, Apr 4, 12:25am
No worry's then.

bexx13, Apr 4, 1:14am
Tell me about it. Never again.

bexx13, Apr 4, 1:24am
Yeah I used to think it was the best place to go but now Im not so sure. I tried to talk to the guy who is doing the rechecks about it but I met with a blank stare and a "we dont make the rules". He couldnt even make a suggestion what the problem may be. I thought the proportioning valve was the front/rear bias as well. Im gona try swapping the leading shoes around and swapping the tyres too. Thanks

sandypheet, Apr 4, 1:43am
Sounds like OP will fill the next vacancy if failed mechanic is the qualification.

bexx13, Apr 4, 1:45am
Lol.Failed mechanic maybe. Skilled excavator operator Definately.

fordcrzy, Apr 4, 3:00am
swelling brake hose!

bexx13, Apr 4, 4:41am
Handbrake cable and linkages are working/moving fine, the handbrake isnt the issue. Its the service brake which I believe is when I put my foot on the brake the rear brake comes on as well, correct me if Im wrong! Swelling brake hose hmmmm duno the hose looks in good condition!

im_andrew, Apr 4, 4:44am
Take it to a mechanic who doesnt have any brake rollers

sandypheet, Apr 4, 5:04am
How will he know what to fix!

petermcg, Apr 4, 7:55am
This has been the only sensible answer so far, also check to see that your backing plate is straight, if it gets a bend ,, it supports the shoe mounting and can make one of your shoes not contact squarly in the drum. you can also check this with a square and straight edge. And make sure you havent got a ridge in the drum that the shoe could make contact with.

petermcg, Apr 4, 7:56am
a swelling brake hose will still put even pressure to all brakes behond the proportioning valve so therefore it cant be that.

peril787b1, Apr 4, 8:02am
ah, yeah it can. If the hose is after the proportioning valve, the swelling will affect brake performance.
What was the handbrake balance rating! If the handbrake was good/near perfect, then the shoes/drums aren't the issue.
Oh, and it might pay to read the original post: "I have swapped drums from side to side with NO change".

bexx13, Apr 4, 8:19am
Thats what I am going to do. However I want to get the brakes as good as I can really. The handbrake is perfect now, so It points to a hydraulic weakness. The cylinders are brand new and it has new fluid so next step is replace the flexible hoses. I mght even give the solid hoses a clean out while Im at it. The backing plates are fine I had them both off to clean and inspect when I replaced the cylinders. Hmmm its gota be something simple.

clark20, Apr 4, 8:31am
Don't forget to give them a workout first so they are bedded in, and warm them up before they test them. Also give the drums a light sand to remove glazing.

tuttyclan, Apr 4, 10:07am
Must be the month to fail on rear brakes.
A friend of mine took his car to VTNZ and was told the same thing!

neryl1, Apr 4, 10:09am
vtnz have got this thing about inbalanced brakes at the moment . Had 2 cars pulled up for it. bled one retested at different station. Next one bled retested then put new shoes and retested. Its unlikely either was worse than the last wof test they passed. I remember once they had a problem with seat belts feeling to stiff or not retracting fast enough on all cars i testedso oiled them and they passed for ever more.

neryl1, Apr 4, 10:10am
sure is the month for brake failures all through the country at vtnz

fordcrzy, Apr 5, 7:07am
pull the handbrake on about 3 clicks and drive for 100 meters before you get to the testing station.

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