Brake light issue

pete_iam, Jul 9, 7:00pm
2014 Kia Rondo/Carens.

Brake lights come on when light switch is turned on and stay on until lights turned off again. Brake lights work fine when lights are turned off.
It's not brake light switch if brake lights work fine without touching the light switch.
Any ideas?

bigfatmat1, Jul 9, 7:03pm
Faulty brake light bulb replace all bulbs is prob easiest.

pete_iam, Jul 9, 7:04pm
Nice troll

pete_iam, Jul 9, 7:04pm
Highstop is LED. Not a bulb issue

pete_iam, Jul 9, 7:06pm
Like I mentioned brake lights work perfect if you don't have headlights turned on

bigfatmat1, Jul 9, 7:13pm
not a troll you have a faulty bulb.

pete_iam, Jul 9, 7:16pm
Ok then I will check them my apologies in advance if you are correct

bigfatmat1, Jul 9, 7:20pm
unless you know what you are specifically looking at REPLACE the bulbs one by one and see which one fixes your issue. The bulbs have two filaments inside what happens is one filament blows and contacts the other circuit. Can be hard to visually see to untrained eye. If its not a bulb come back and we will discuss further problems that can cause this issue. But the bulbs is the most common cause of this fault.

gph1961, Jul 9, 7:23pm
yup,have had that myself

ml6989, Jul 9, 7:26pm
Many moons ago I had a similar problem on a customers vehicle. The out come was the park lamp filament had blown in a tail lamp and had fallen across the brake lamp filament, so turning on the park lamps effectively powered up the brake lamps. I cant remember, but I think I dropped to it after noticing the dash lamps lighting up when the brake pedal was pushed. I assume it is not all LED lamps because if it is then this diagnosis will not fit the problem.

ml6989, Jul 9, 7:28pm
# 8 is on the same track as me, just 6 minutes earlier. Maybe I need to type faster!

bigfatmat1, Jul 9, 7:31pm
i checked before i posted all the ones I found on Google were bulb lamps

saxman99, Jul 9, 8:54pm
If bulbs check out OK then check the taillight clusters have a decent earth.

pete_iam, Jul 9, 10:43pm
Was the rh bulb. Car had no lights out but the problem went away with a new bulb. Haven't driven it so far but the ESC light always came on when the lights got turned on. Hoping this is solved too!

bigfatmat1, Jul 10, 8:37am
i would say it will as it prob thinks there is a switch fault. Brakes activated no brake pressure

intrade, Jul 10, 12:26pm
bf mat works as automotive tech including EV

vernunft, Jul 10, 7:36pm
. one of the many longtime listeners.

gph1961, Jul 11, 7:14am

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