Volvo V50 Oil pack for 2004 model with 200k on it

vintage01, Sep 7, 2:02pm
Just bought recently,like to change the oil.,and would like the grade please.

poppy62, Sep 7, 2:08pm
Repco, Supercheap Autos etc have screens (catalogues) that you can navigate through and will tell you the best choices for your car. In my opinion a 10w 40 synthetic would be what I'd recommend. Although 5w 30 is what the manual states, i think that with the warmer climes of NZ as opposed to the colder areas of Europe 10W 40 is a better choice.

tamarillo, Sep 7, 3:09pm
What engine has it got?
Do you know what oil it has been getting? Maybe service notice on screen or service records?

vintage01, Sep 7, 4:23pm
2.4 five cylinder,no previous history or stickers anywhere,Car is good with no issues,been looked after.

blueviking, Sep 7, 8:25pm
And don't forget most volvos take 5-6 ltrs of oil, if you change the filter, so you need to but the 10ltr rather than the 4ltr. Owned 1 of those motors for over 10 yrs and use 10w-40w. Don't overfill.

vintage01, Sep 7, 8:40pm
Thanks for info

tamarillo, Sep 8, 7:32am
Assuming it’s a non turbo, unless you have information that it has had fully synthetic oil, it does not need it. Good semi synthetic is fine.
If it’s a turbo then it should use synthetic, but conversely if it hasn’t been getting it it won’t make much difference now. As above 10/40 good.

martin11, Nov 23, 9:17am

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