Honda VF750 V4 Magna - Restoration Project?

carnelian, Oct 29, 2:55pm
I have been offered this shaft-driven 1983 Magna by a friend who is now too old to work on it, let alone ride it. It has been standing unused in a garage for the past 10 years. I have owned a 1964 Honda CB77 and a 1974 Honda CB500/4 in past riding days. My idea is to adopt it as a resto project for my impending retirement. Does anybody know much about these machines? Cheers for your thoughts or recommendations.

budgel, Oct 29, 3:00pm
Do a google search for any parts you may need. That will inform you of their availability. If the rego is on hold, so much the better, all you have to do is get a WOF when it is ready, rather than having to re-certify it.

richynuts, Oct 29, 7:36pm
Personally i think those early 80's VFs are not really sort after. You would be better to restore what you use to have 500/4 or 750/4. The 1990's 400 v4 Hondas are worth good money now and would be worth restoring if you can find a cheap one to start with.

apollo11, Oct 29, 8:08pm
Some of the VF's had issues with chocolate cams, which is why Honda put so much effort into the VFR's. But if you are looking for something lazy and smooth to ride occasionally, buy what grabs your fancy. I don't think it will become a collectable like the Suzuki Katana has done, or even the Bol'd'Or, but you never know. I heard of someone who bought a brand new Honda City and put it in storage, as he figured no one else would bother and they would become rare.

cabrio1, Oct 29, 8:27pm
Buy it, fixit, ride it, sell it.
Just did this on a bike, made some $ and was a fun pastime.
If it's on hold easy.
If it's lapsed will be $550 is for compliance wof and rego.
What's the bike worth fixed up?

carnelian, Oct 30, 2:42pm
Thank you all for your appreciated comments - food for thought!

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