Changing bushes in front control arm on 07 Corolla

luvthebikes, Sep 12, 6:30pm
What a friggin mission, struggling to get pivot point bolt lined up again, any advice?

franc123, Sep 12, 6:39pm
If it's the one I'm thinking of, bolt the arm into the subframe first before attempting to put the balljoint back into the hub carrier. Once the arm is in you can then lever it down and reconnect the balljoint.

luvthebikes, Sep 12, 6:57pm
The ball joint seems move away from the sun frame too so it’s hard to put back in, I used a ratchet tie down carefully, though I had nailed it until I tried to line up 19mm head bolt on pivot point of arm

frank1, Nov 20, 4:59pm
As franc says, put the bolt thru sub frame 1st, made that mistake couple of months ago, pretty easy to get ball joint in after.

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