2004 nissan sunny 1.3L auto fluids?

gt40-01, Apr 13, 7:15pm
Does anyone know what trans fluid and engine oil grade to be used in this vehicle,the internet is driving me nuts trying to find this info,cheers for any help.

intrade, Apr 13, 7:30pm
supercheap have a tablet or you can look at total.
2004 is most probably in class of old dinosaur who do not need specific car make only oils,
just look what you got n16 on black plate under bonnet sunny will probably be the pulsar
DII is D3 dexron 3

kazbanz, Apr 13, 9:21pm
Sunny 1399 should use standard atf . Oil wise 15 w 40 as they aren’t a Viti engine

franc123, Aug 22, 2:48pm
Dexron 3, which is a standard ATF, there will possibly be markings on the trans dip stick indicating what oil is in it, there may even be a sticker on the underside of the bonnet with symbols like D III on there. When CVT's are involved that it becomes much more critical that the exact fluid is used.

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