ANCAP Rating of This Truck

tony9, Apr 5, 10:35am

poppy62, Apr 5, 10:44am
The old adage! The bigger they are the harder they fall, springs to mind. Would give it a Zero rating.

gph1961, Apr 5, 10:49am
note the 3 drums of water(?) behind the cab helps to disintegrate cab
goldilocks impact height

john1623, Apr 5, 10:59am
Why the hell would anyone design a menace like that, The thing is designed to cut anything that hit it in half. Total stupidity.

gph1961, Apr 5, 11:08am
stop the baddies?

intrade, Apr 5, 11:09am
Yes like i said 100 tousend airbags will not help you if you hit another vehicle not dissipating any energy= you are minced and shredded with the airbags and all your dreams of savety

tamarillo, Apr 6, 8:39am
Surely that barrier shouldn’t have the solid leading edge. It’s supposed to stop not kill!

intrade, Apr 6, 10:11am
I recon it be to be used on fairs to stop someone intending to kill people with a truck to pay dividends to him instead.

intrade, Apr 6, 10:43am

andrewcg53, Aug 25, 1:46am
It is designed to stop the threat that includes the driver

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