Mitsi outlander 2.4 or 3l!

rovercitroen, Jan 25, 9:15pm
Just bought a 2006 2.4 Outlander XLS for the wife. She seems happy with it and it's growing on me a bit despite being nothing like the kind of vehicle I would buy for myself. I actually quite like the CVT and it has a tiptronic option which gives you 6 "gears". Had a play with it on manual and its not bad. At some RPMs the engine is a bit drony but it seems peppy enough and so far fuel economy seem good.

rovercitroen, Jan 25, 9:17pm
Oh, and Mitsi specify 91 octane fuel but the local dealer says they will give a little more power and torque and slightly better economy on 95. Must give some 95 a try at some stage. Previous owner said she always ran on 91.

dorie1, Dec 5, 6:48am
This is the next vehicle we are purchasing but we are undecided about 1 2.4 or 3l. Does anybody have one and can comment on power - ie is 2.4 enough for the average family who wants to tow a trailer occasionally to go camping but other wise is just the family car!

yogibearz, Dec 5, 7:34am
driving 2.4 vrx at the moment,very happy plenty of power for us.3.0 is smooth and quiet but a bit hungrier on gas. Service both models through work and have several with close to 200000k and no problems. 3.0 is cambelt and 2.4 chain drive

dorie1, Dec 5, 7:54am
thank you for your post. was a bit worried 2.4 not powerful enough but sounds like will be fine. would love a vrx - hoping to get one 07 with as little k's as poss. budget $30k. Do you reckon this is doable!

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