Mitsi Outlander 2.3 diesel or Kia 2.0 diesel

bazfan, Mar 7, 9:18pm
Has anyone had experience with the 2.3 Mitsi diesel that’s in the Outlander from 2015 onwards? Is this a good unit- I know the 2.4 petrol unit is bulletproof. Also looking at a Kia Sportage 2.0 diesel but Kia forums pinpoint this engine and the 2.4 petrol Kia theta engine as having some issues and part of a US settlement. Anyone have experience- we don’t tow much but do a bit of long distance driving

tamarillo, Mar 8, 8:59am
You sure you want at diesel. It’s dying in anything but vans and trucks. Big SUVS still benefit but thats changing. These are little soft readers. In NZ RUC charges means costs saving is often countered.

annie17111, Mar 8, 10:36am
My diesel ute is slightly cheaper to run than my 1997 toyota camry was. But that's because my husband can do the services himself. But if we didn't need it to tow, we wouldn't of bought a diesel ute.

rovercitroen, Mar 8, 8:06pm
Work colleague has a diesel Outlander and is very happy with it. It has a "proper" auto gearbox whereas the petrol Outlanders have a CVT.

bazfan, Mar 9, 10:23pm
Yeah also keen to avoid the CVT

rovercitroen, Mar 10, 3:58pm
Our 2006 Outlander 2.4 petrol has a CVT. Done almost 200,000 kms with no issues. We have had the CVT serviced a couple of times. We have not towed with the car.

kenw1, Mar 10, 9:16pm
Got a Kia Sportage 2.0 litre petrol, its a cracker, proper 6 speed gearbox, drives nicely, get 13.7 ish on a run and average around 12.0.

Dont know about towing, kept the falcon wagon for that job.

intrade, Mar 11, 12:36pm
burning suv looked quite like one of them mitsubishis in news clip i got spammed with this morning wonder if it was a phev abortion hybrid poofighter

intrade, Sep 4, 2:44pm
quite sure the burning SUV was a outlander. i also found them in ditches on its roof, but this is for all top heavy vehicles like SUV wannabee look at me fake offroaders is what they are for real.

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