Diesel/petrol mix question

mrfxit, Aug 9, 2:40am
I have a 60litre drum of this petrol/diesel fuel mix

Would it be reasonably safe to use it in my Diesel turbo at a proposed rate of 1 mix to 40 clean diesel if I add a 4ltr pack of new oil to the mix 1st

Vehicle would generally only be used around town while using this mix

mugenb20b, Aug 9, 6:19am
If it's a non common rail diesel engine, not a problem.

mrfxit, Aug 9, 9:04pm
88 2.4T Surf
Yea it's an unknown ratio mix which is why I suggested the 4 ltr oil pack 1st

Wouldn't use it out of town on that mix or for towing heavy loads.
The fuel cost me nothing so even at ! $16 for an oil pack, it would still be cheap diesel.
just a shame to see it sitting there doing nothing
Even 1 /20 would probably be ok aye.

jonesy62, Aug 9, 9:11pm
Pour some out and see what the flash point is like, ie how easy it is to ignite.Might give you an idea how much petrol is in mix

mechnificent, Aug 9, 11:04pm
Put it in the sun with the lid off!. the petrol will evaporate. I think.

mugenb20b, Aug 10, 12:45am
I've done that heaps of times with no problems, long and short distance driving, on and off road etc. At the time I had an '86 2.2 t/d Bighorn, '93 2.8 t/d MU and a '90 2.4 t/d Hilux Surf.

twaymouth, Aug 10, 12:49am
It shouldn't be a problem, Some diesel car manufactures even suggest putting a measured amount of petrol in with the diesel in winter to prevent the diesel gelling.

mrfxit, Aug 10, 9:39am
Mmmm yes. good idea.

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