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nzfatie, Jan 17, 8:38pm
Unfortunately you're just short of the 1/7/15 date for the reduced fees. Leaving your rego renewal until July won't make any difference as they'll backdate it to June at the old rates.
Sorry you can't register any vehicle under 40 years old for less than 3 months, so you'll be on the old rates until 28 September!

The way to save money is to change your vehicle relicensing date now as follows:
'You can change your motor vehicle's relicensing date by completing an Application to change licence expiry date form (MR27), available from NZTA agents. The agent will advise you of your options and the fee you need to pay'

So just change it from 28th June to early July. Last time I inquired it cost about $15, much better than paying 3 months rego at the old rate!

biddy6, Jan 17, 8:45pm
I'm sure you can use the MR27 form to register a car for as little as one day.

nzfatie, Jan 17, 8:47pm
Look on your licence renewal form. it has 4 options:
3 months
6 months
12 months
Other (3-12 months)

biddy6, Jan 17, 8:50pm
Look on the MR27 form.

nzfatie, Jan 17, 8:56pm
I understand from the NZTA letter below that the MR27 can be used to change the expiry date to less than 3 months. only on vehicles 40+ years old.

Here's a letter from the NZTA (courtesy of ) on the subject.

Good afternoon .

Thank you for your email dated 31 January 2011.

I have noted your suggestion to have information on our website relating to over 40 year old vehicles. Thank you for taking the time to contact us about this.

The Motor Vehicle Register will automatically detect that a vehicle is 40 years old and any subsequent applications for a motor vehicle licence will be at the lower rate. This takes effect from 1 January on the year a vehicle turns 40 years old. The year is taken from the year of first registration, not the year of manufacture.

Once a vehicle reaches 40 years of age it is no longer subject to continuous vehicle licensing. Effectively this means that licence fees do not need to be paid for any period that it is unlicensed and it can remain unlicensed for two years before the registration will be automatically cancelled.

There is no usage category for a vehicle that is used only rarely and/or for short trips. However, as an over 40 year old vehicle does not need to be continuously licensed, a licence can be purchased for any specified period from one day on lodgement of an Application to Licence Motor Vehicle (MR27 form). This means that you would only need to licence your vehicle for the times you would be using it. The MR27 can only be lodged at an agent of the NZ Transport Agency (NZ Post, AA, VTNZ or VINZ) and a transaction fee of $7.48 will be applied to each licence application.

I have provided some 12 month licence fee comparisons below to give you an indication of the difference between an over and under 40 year old vehicle.

Less Than 40 Years
Passenger Car/Van $287.87
Goods Van/Truck/Utility $333.51

Over 40 Years
Passenger Car/Van $111.92
Goods Van/Truck/Utility $111.92

I hope this information is of assistance to you.



Senior Customer Service Representative

NZ Transport Agency
Transport Registry Centre
Private Bag 11777
Palmerston North 4442
New Zealand
Once a car is 40 years old and not subject to continuous licensing, it can be licenced for as little one day if desired.

gunhand, Jan 17, 8:59pm
Correct, thats what is shown on that form. And thats prob the 3 most common time periods people want. Could you imagine the form if it had all the time periods you can do it for? But yes you can do it for a month, day or whatever.

anne1955, Jan 17, 9:01pm
I have only ever registered my car monthly, I am on such a limited income that it is the only way I can do it. you can do it day by day if one wants. Monthly over a year the added costs to me was 12.00 a year much easier to deal and budget for.

nzfatie, Jan 17, 9:17pm
I stand corrected, a shame they don't offer that option online. the minimum there is still 3 months.

intrade, Jan 17, 9:20pm
1 day can only be done if you extend your existing license you can not extend it from when your car is on hold and you want it back on the road that is 3 month minimum from the other form. REad the friggen form its a license extension not a 1 day license , you have extended your original expiry date

timbo69, Jan 16, 8:08am
I just got my rego bill, I usually pay or 12 months but with the changes coming should I pay for a lesser term?

Is there currently anyway of knowing what my car will be charged when new fee's apply?

franc123, Jan 16, 8:13am
LICENSE up until July 1, that's when the new fee structure introduced. Not seen a table of the new fees, no doubt if it exists someone will post a link to it, the average reduction is about $140 p/a I'm told.

timbo69, Jan 16, 8:22am
I was told its based on the safety rating on the car? - hopefully that reduces my ute rego of about $600 given it has 5* rating - finger crossed!

xs1100, Jan 16, 8:53am
hope not my old nissans rego will go up hahaha no air bags no abs lucky its got seatbelts

sw20, Jan 16, 11:21am
They will all go down, some will just go down much more than others. All part of the plan to get us out of old cars.

kiwibob60, Jan 16, 11:24am
so whats cars over 40 yrs old cost now?

smac, Jan 16, 6:07pm
Over 40 not changing.

intrade, Jan 16, 7:16pm
the changes are for save cars and save cars by the government is 100 airgabs stability control lane assist , and what ever other thing you can dream off. IF you have a older car you probably get nothing , would not surprise me if they would even make them fees even more expensive , so you could end up paying processing fees 2 times to try and get the reduction and you get nothing = you pay more then when you would have just got 12 month ignoring there spam advertisment,

smac, Jan 16, 7:25pm
Sometimes it's like trying to talk to a brick.

Intrade quit spreading false information about a topic you have no idea about.

franc123, Jan 16, 7:26pm
Wrong, their press releases have said there will be fee drops across the board, how about we get that one straight now ok?

intrade, Jan 16, 7:30pm
ok so 1 cent is a fee drop- and that what i think will be the drop or maybe its just going to cover the cost you spent on the extra fees for relicensing what is that 6$ or something times 2 so if you get less then 12$ reduction you loose money by timing it to this date.
Also i never said that is fact its what i think will be going to happen as no one knows and they keep it a state secrate. because why exactly?

franc123, Jan 16, 7:38pm
Well we all know what you think and what will actually happen are two very different things, as usual.

gsimpson, Jan 16, 7:56pm
No secret. New fee structure listed on nzta website.

intrade, Jan 16, 8:00pm
so where is the link?

bumfacingdown, Jan 16, 8:04pm
From the nzta web site
"On 1 July 2015 the ACC levy portion of your vehicle licensing fee (rego) is going down by an average of 41% depending on your type of vehicle. To make sure you don't pay more than necessary you may want to consider opting for a shorter licensing renewal period, for example three or six months. That way you'll be ready to take full advantage of the new lower price when your vehicle licence comes up for renewal after July 2015. For more information refer to our frequently asked questions or call ACC on 0800 222 776.
The following table contains vehicle licensing fees for the more common vehicle type/usage combinations, including ACC levies.
Passenger car From July 2015
3 Month 6 Month 12 Month
Petrol driven - private 70.30 140.38 280.55
Petrol driven - taxi 84.72 169.27 338.31
Petrol driven - rental 84.72 169.27 338.31
Non-petrol driven - private 105.66 211.07 421.94
Non-petrol driven - taxi 120.08 239.96 479.69
Non-petrol driven - rental 120.08 239.96 479.69

bumfacingdown, Jan 16, 8:05pm

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