Honda Odyssey 1999

maclad, Jan 25, 9:07pm
Does the stereo in these have a fuse in behind the radio. It won't work and I've checked all the fuses in the fusebox.

kazbanz, Jan 25, 9:12pm
maclad-unless its the factory radio setup then you would be better to ask if XXX brand/model radio has a fuze

clark20, Jan 25, 9:15pm
Which fusebox have you checked? There is more than one.

maclad, Jan 25, 9:15pm
its a Kenwood

maclad, Jan 25, 9:32pm
I checked the one by the drivers door, where are the others, they are all in Japanese so I pulled them all out to check. Stereo stopped working when I held the cigarette lighter in as it won't stay down by itself.

maclad, Jul 23, 2:16pm
Thanks Clark I found them under the bonnet and all is better.

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