Motoring MB member out for a drive

socram, Dec 31, 7:43pm
Someone must have had a word or (more likely) the resident that attracted that sort of visitor may have moved on, as it hasn't happened recently. But yes, if it does happen again, a polite letter from the residents will be delivered.

tigertim20, Dec 31, 12:36am

stevo2, Dec 31, 1:34am
yeah and he lives only an hour away or maybe 2 hours at his speed. We are currently holidaying in Whiritoa on this very road. You always get caught up up this time of year by road maggots and cars that won't pull over but the worst by far are the brain dead cyclists. This road just isn't suitable for cycling but these wannabe organ donars seem to have a death wish. This winding road is very hilly, very narrow with heaps of blind corners and there just isnt 1.5mt available to overtake a cyclist.

purplegoat, Dec 31, 1:45am
True to form you're proving once again that you must have had a traumatic experience with your tricycle when you were 3 .

stevo2, Dec 31, 4:33am
yeah, I ran over the neighbour's goat with it . It turned purple.

skin1235, Dec 31, 4:41am
steveo, it doesn't matter a jot what you think, of the road, cyclists, or the 1,5 mt rule
its there for the express purpose of ensuring the cyclists can have some measure of safety on the roads - and it appears they need a lot more than that when you are driving

stop showing your redneck attitude - you know the one, the one you claim all cyclists have and you don't - they have just as much right to be on the road as you do, and you as another road user have to accommodate them when you come across them, or do you admit to being an inconsiderate driver - in which case hand your license in, theres no room on our roads for you

skin1235, Dec 31, 4:44am
back to the original though, how pathetic, the inconsideration should have been an instant impound offence,"forgot to check the mirrors"?, its one of the basic road skills - and the cop let him off?

yjeva, Dec 31, 4:48am
It doesn't say the cop let him off.

skin1235, Dec 31, 4:52am
it doesn't say he booked him either, and you can be sure if he had the press would have published that fact, ergo he was let off

socram, Dec 31, 6:30am
That is exactly what I was thinking. Get a speeding ticket for 5kph over, not causing anyone any problems, and you WILL get a ticket.

Inconvenience and upset 50 others - and maybe even initiate a 'cause and effect' scenario which means a potential accident and no penalty reported? Why not?

Forgetting to look in your mirror must be a permanent bad habit, therefore he should have had the book thrown at him.

intrade, Dec 31, 6:32am
its only made the media because a pig got inconvinienced as well.

dr.doolittle, Dec 31, 8:54am
Yeah, police should have pulled him over & beat the shit out of him. Then made up a cool story for the Judge.
I didnt see any mention of a pig in that article.

treachug, Dec 31, 9:13am
Would be true if in Eastern Europe.

lookoutas, Dec 31, 6:18pm
Did Taumarunui to Palmy and back over Xmas with the CC set on or around-about the doodle speed, and only one car of hoons passed me at Hunterville (Probably so they could tell their mates that they'd scortched a Mustang) It didn't help them get far, coz I was right behind them again when I turned off at Waiouru.
They weren't doing much wrong, other than chucking empty cans and crap out the windows. The drivers mates were bucking to get him in trouble at some stage - hands were flailing out the windows at anything and anyone!

So, that was one car exceeding (at times) compared to a large number of maggots with no consideration to those behind.
For instance - there is a slow vehicle bay going down the Taihape deviation (Although regulations won't allow it to have a sign up) But plonker in car sits out in the road lane when they have a queue behind!

Forgot - there was another car exceeding when it came time to overtake, and that was me.
By how much?
Whatever full-tit went to.

socram, Dec 31, 9:04pm
I'd be reporting them for that! Littering probably annoys me as much as bad driving. I've lost count of the number of times I have stopped at the Bombay Services early morning, to see the car park covered in McDonalds litter, yet there are dozens of litter bins around.

Now we have the house across the road rented out to about 8 young adult occupants, (all have their own cars) so when someone has a load of friends visit at night, our quiet cul-de-sac - where there are no litter bins - is also the final resting place for Macca's wrappers, bottle and cans.

treachug, Dec 31, 10:39pm
A nicely worded (polite not nasty) letter delivered in the letterbox signed 'the residents of the cul-de-sac' pointing out the rubbish being left behind by their visitors (also acknowledging its not them but their visitors) may resolve that. Or simply door knock but that may go bad. lol

elect70, Jan 1, 2:43am
Cop obviously wasnt on duty in a patrol car otherwise hed have berated the shit out of the idiot & given him a ticked for dangerous driving . Probably in his "company " car .

lookoutas, Jan 1, 5:07am
If I did that, you'd take a point off me!

Spoze mother could have, but she probably saw a 17 year old me in the car having great fun with the boys.
They were even too pissed or uncoordinated to get the flapping sync'd. Someone has to take control and say "Up. down. up. down&qu-

Wonder where that "e comes from?
Doesn't show in the message box.

trogedon, Aug 10, 2:19pm
Excellent idea.

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