Tyres with a higher load rating

charlie4561, Jan 18, 7:58am
I own a 2005 VW Golf GTI. It came with 225/45/17 Bridgestone tyres with a load rating of 90 (speed rating W). I found a great deal on some Pirelli tyres that are the same size, but the load index is 94 (speed rating also W). Would it be a problem to put these on my car? Since the new tyres would have a higher load rating I think it would be safe, but would my ride quality or handling be made worse by the higher load index tyres?

jason18, Jan 18, 8:24am
I'm sure you would be fine

jason18, Jan 18, 8:25am
Main thing is you don't mix them. Say left 90 and right 94. WOF fail I was told

charlie4561, Jan 18, 8:27am
I believe it is a WOF fail if the load rating is out by more than two. Not an issue for me as I want to replace all 4 corners.

franc123, Aug 5, 3:09pm
Yes correct. Go ahead and renew them all.

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