Toyota Previa/Estima

dallychic, Sep 16, 8:34am
Thinking of getting one as an alternative for a van - wondering what they are like economically for fuel and also what people think of them to drive round in.Any comments please I am having a hard decision making my mind up about a new car.


mugenb20b, Sep 16, 8:51am
What year! What engine!

dallychic, Sep 16, 8:58am
looking at 2001, 2.4l petrol 2wd

gadgit3, Sep 16, 9:11am
It's a bloated Camry at heart. Nothing major that goes bad. You would just need to check out the seating in the rear too see if it serves the purpose you require

bmwnz, Sep 16, 9:15am
They do seem to be the butt of many jibes and jokes in motoring threads, but I've never driven one so don't know why. Just be aware that people will laugh and point at you. (apparently).

mugenb20b, Sep 16, 9:22am
No, no, you got it wrong. Your statement applies to a Fiat Mult.something or other.

extrayda, Sep 16, 10:40am
I own a 2001 2.4 petrol, so far it's been good. They drive much nicer and more quietly than a van (we tried a few vans). The 2WD ones are FWD.
Not super economical, but not bad either, I don't think it's any worse than my 2.5 Cefiro wagon.I find it nice and comfy to drive or be driven in.The only downside we have found is that if you are using all of the rows of seats, there isn't a lot of boot space left, but you would have that issue in any 7 or 8 seater.The back seats can be used for normal adults also, unlike most of the other people movers of that age, which are only any good for small kids in the back.

extrayda, Sep 16, 10:42am
I haven't noticed anyone pointing and laughing, it's a vehicle you buy because you need it, not to try and look cool :-)

extrayda, Sep 16, 10:44am
ahh just re-read the OP, would you be taking the seats out and using it as a van, or for people instead of getting a van!I don't think they are anything like as big inside as a 'real' van (opinion only, I haven't owned a van to compare).

richard198, Sep 16, 10:48am
They're perfectly good vehicles. I've worked on them as well driven them, though they tend to drive a bit like steering a boat if that makes sense!

thejazzpianoma, Sep 17, 8:37pm
There are much better alternatives around, especially in the economy department. What would suit though would depend on what you are doing with it.
You certainly don't have to be putting up with something bulky to drive or thirsty.
Is this being used to transport people, gear or both. If people how many! Also what sort of driving and roughly how many km's per week are you doing! By driving I mean is his all around own suff or a mix of open road/town!

r15, Sep 17, 8:45pm
what jazz means to say is buy a multipla

for everyone but him though go for a drive in a previa / estima and see if you like it, they're not a problematic model in that generation

dallychic, Sep 17, 9:20pm
Thanks I will be test driving one this weekend - definitely don't want to be steering a boat.

extrayda, Sep 17, 9:23pm
BTW for what it is, I don't find that the Estima drives like a boat, it doesn't drive like a car, but that isn't surprising.I've never driven a multipla so can't comment on that.To me the Odyssey / Estima vehicles of the same age drove about the same (We just found the odyssey a bit small, and the one we had for a short while was much thirstier than the Estima).

extrayda, Sep 17, 9:26pm
Also make sure you drive more than one of anything, unless you love it.When the Mrs bought an Accord, we drove 3, the first two drove horribly, were harsh, buzzy engines, rough autos.The third was like a completely different car.All of them were 98/99 Accord SiR's of the same model, spec and very close to the same k's.

franc123, Sep 17, 9:33pm
As you would expect they behave like something in between, if anything more leaning towards a car rather than traditional vans, certainly they are far nicer to drive on the open road than what the previous version was, feel like they have a lower centre of gravity.Being FWD I think helps here, Toyota finally worked out that the drivetrain layout of the old ones had more negatives than positives, was expensive to build and was too difficult to repair.

clark20, Sep 17, 9:39pm
I have driven all the different shapes (models), from 2WD, 4WD. 4 cylinder and V6, even the hybrid and found them all good, steers well for what they are, the old RWD was great on gravel roads. They did lose on the 2nd gen with less luggage space and the seats are hard to remove compared to the first. The latest is great because the last row folds down into the floor.

Edit I have not driven a Multipla nor have any desire to.

dallychic, Sep 17, 9:47pm
The vehicle will be used to transport dogs - cages will be built into the vehicle as this is their home away from home when travelling to shows.However I still need to get to work 5 days a week which is a 40km round trip - however take's 40-45 minutes at times due to traffic.Just tossing up either to go for this option of another wagon which is what I had before it was written on - it was ok just didn't think it was big enough at times.

dallychic, Sep 17, 9:48pm
OMG - I didn't even know something like this existed!

trdbzr, Sep 18, 12:08am
Why not buy two Fiat Punto's instead! they will work out to be 2.4L combined and seat 10 people easily. Its pretty much the best thing since the invention of the wheel.

richard198, Sep 18, 12:26am
I wouldn't lump a Toyota together with a Honda (Oddity). They are quite different.

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