What is the difference - Estima, Previa

glenco, Jun 21, 8:26pm
What is the difference between a Toyota Estima and a Previa!Is there a difference!

elvis58, Jun 21, 8:30pm
Estima is jap market, Previa nz market.

spunkeymonkey, Jun 21, 8:42pm
as elvis58 said ones so far better than the other lol

glenco, Jun 21, 8:44pm
Are they the same mechanically!

elvis58, Jun 21, 8:53pm
The previa is 2.4 petrol where the estima can also be diesel powered. Things changed with newer models though.

r15, Jun 21, 8:56pm
now to actually answer the question. (applies to original shape - early 1990s to late 1990s)

previa / estima is the same thing, though the previa was the nz name
estima emina or estima lucida are different to the normal previa / estima

the emina and lucida models are narrower than the standard model, i have been told this width difference sets them into a different class of registration in japan, obviously making them cheaper

nz previa came with a 2.4 petrol motor which i dont know a lot about
japan estima came with same motor or a supercharged version
emina and lucida came with a choice of either this 2.4 petrol or a 2.2 turbo diesel option which goes really really well.

the downside of these vans is the engine is mid and the radiator is front.the pipes that go between the radiator and the engine tend to rust internally, this rust then flakes off and blocks the radiator.once this has happened a large islander family or similar will load themselves into the van and drive up a hill ignoring the temp guage.the temp guage will go to hot, the head will crack, and then there will be a flood of cheap parts for these vans on trademe, with the exception of heads, all of which are cracked from being overhearted.

they are pretty bulletproof, ideal thing to do is have the radiator professionally cleaned / rodded out, and replace the steel straight radiator pipes with stainless.

glenco, Jun 21, 9:01pm
Thanks, invaulable information guys.Much appreciated

r15, Jun 22, 1:00am
lol ,kaz wrote while i was writing, sorry to double answer lol

jsbike, Jun 22, 4:02am
I thought there was a car yard just down the road selling only these vans as there were tons of them, turned out it was a samoan church

bae13, Jun 22, 8:11am
i think you will find the previa and estima are different sizes, estima is japanese and has one less seat than a previa which was australian (tarago) and was slightly bigger, pretty sure previa wasnt diesel option either

think estima was 7 seater and previa was 8.

car_fanatic, Nov 11, 7:50am
I cant seem to see the difference but I think that Previa is sold in Malaysia whereas Estima is sold in Japan.

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