Toyota previa or estima

treens2, Sep 30, 4:03am
Whats the difference between them!94 95 model range also would you buy one!

intrade, Sep 30, 4:08am
none of em they are both the same junk with anotherbadge.
Previa is predomenently sold in europe as where enemas is what they usually badged at round here.

wimwom, Sep 30, 4:12am
Previa is the NZ new model whereas estima, enima and Lucida are different specs of the Japanese model.They have different widths, something to do with the registration taxes in Japan at the time. There used to be a good site called UK estimas or similar that gave good detailed information, not the one eyed total lack of experience you will get on here.

wimwom, Sep 30, 4:14am

treens2, Sep 30, 4:24am
Now i understand thanks for that

taipan4, Sep 30, 5:43am
some of the earlier estimas had a mid mounted engine and lack of maintenance on radiator leads to sludging & overheating

thejazzpianoma, Sep 30, 5:49am
Hideous lumbering thirsty things that are known for expensive issues.

However the worst thing is that they have a nasty habbit of snapping the drivers neck in a crash.

The steering wheel comes flying up under the drivers chin with huge force snapping their head backwards in the process. The whole idea of it having an airbag is a joke with a design flaw that bad.

thejazzpianoma, Sep 30, 5:54am
The very best of the cheaper old people movers in my opinion is the Fiat Multipla. It will cost literally half as much to run, is much safe, heaps nicer to drive and has a lot more go. Its also a lot nicer to work on and far more reliable. Parts are cheap and easy to get too.

The only catch is there are none on trademe right now, but there usually is at least one or two for sale.

The other one I would consider in a pinch although its dearer to run and not and more prone to niggly faults is the VW Sharan. However, if you go there get it checked out really well especially the transmission which should be serviced immediately on purchase. Again, its no Multipla but I would still take one over the Previa/Estima for safety, comfort and even reliability (just).

Plus, you can sometimes get a good one of these for under $2000 so at that price who cares if it dies after a few years.

BTW, the newer Estima while still thirsty and lumbering is a much better proposition than the old one, but there are better alternatives in that price range too.

gammelvind, Sep 30, 5:57am
OP what are you looking for in one. We have one that we use as a camper, works just fine. A friend has one uses as a cheap van, works just fine. Avoid the deisel, known for head issues, in saying that most problems there stem from lack of maintenance of the cooling system. Available at a very reasonable prices.

mugenb20b, Sep 30, 6:08am
No, actually they all had them. Thankfully all the apes got fired that designed the CXR and TCR chassis Estimas. The front engine Estima came out in 2000 I think.

ralphdog1, Sep 30, 6:17am
Second generations ones from about 2000 onwards did not have that horrible mid engine abortion. I think they started to share bits with the Camry from then on.

clark20, Sep 30, 8:28am
They were great in their time, we had a few at work and they worked great on dirt roads following rallys

jane310567, Sep 30, 9:50am
I have had ours for 10yrs and love it - no probs ever. Will be selling soon as kids want to learn to drive and won't be seen dead in an Estima! lol

treens2, Oct 2, 4:36am
Thanks for your thoughts,I am looking for a tidy wagon,that I can cart about 150 trays off eggsin only want to stack 6 high ,looking for a vehicle that has side door and back hatch,makes loading and unloading easy,was thinking with an estima take the seats out put a sheet off ply in alife would be good

gammelvind, Oct 2, 6:49am
I have seen several where that has been done, remember to remove the seat belts as well when you take the seats out. Helps when going for a wof. Despite the detractors, these vans are availble cheaply enough that if it does crap out sell it to a wrecker and go get another.

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