O2 Sensors in 2001 Estima exhaust

extrayda, Apr 17, 1:19am
Can anyone confirm for me how many 02 sensors there are in the exhaust of a 2.4 (2AZ-FE) 2001 Estima (ACR30).The check engine light is on, and the diagnostic shows O2 sensor issue.I can see two on the top of the exhaust at the front, are there any others hiding under/behind the cat somewhere - I keep seeing mention of other on the internet - it's pouring with rain at the moment, so I'm not keen on going outside and getting under it !

bigfatmat1, Apr 17, 1:37am
It has three one will be post cat.

The code will indicate which one it is remember a fault code does not indicate a sensor failure merely the direction in which to look.

for_an_angel, Apr 17, 4:12am
Bank one sensor one is before the cat and is at cylinder 1 end. Bank 2 sensor one is before the cat and at cylinder 4 end. Bank 1 sensor 2 is the one after the cat. Depending on what scan tool you are using it could show a "B1/B2 S1 air fuel ratio sensor fault in heater circuit" or if it's the one after the cat it will show as "B1 S2 O2 sensor heater circuit"

extrayda, Apr 17, 5:52am
Cool. thanks for that, I will have a look for the one after the cat.
Is there anywhere other than Toyota to get these if that is what's wrong! (e.g. Appco etc!). The car is running absolutely fine, apart from the light, but I want to get it fixed.Apparently it is quite a common issue with these.

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