304 V8 .

trader_84, Sep 25, 7:44pm
Were these things all the same or were there better/improved versions of them etc! Did they come out with different auto's and if so . was one better than the other! What would you expect to pay for a complete running car (straight or wreck but running) when your intention is to remove the running gear from it in order to repower something else, and scrap the rest.

wellabolla, Sep 26, 4:18am
Are you meaning the holden/gm 304!

cuda.340, Sep 26, 4:27am
or the AMC 304!

spliff, Sep 26, 5:54am
hopfully AMC

trader_84, Sep 26, 7:10am
Oops! Holden, sorry.

unclejake, Sep 26, 7:58am
Oh stink. I was hoping it would be a Rambler motor

402rat, Sep 26, 8:11am
i heard vn had better flowing heads,

afer_daily, Sep 26, 6:43pm
theres a rambler v8 in rosebank rd pick a part .akl

punkboy, Sep 27, 6:02am
304 vn heads identical up to vs, vt 304 fitted with roller cam, heads had slightly different combustion chamber

402rat, Sep 27, 6:33am
yeah thanks for that, i posted then goggled it and so many different opinions but yeah most say nothing different in early model v8 304.

trader_84, Nov 25, 5:01pm
So what is the general concensus amoung Holden pilots . its the late model 304 combination better than the early one or visa versa! I'm after a smooth blend of reasonable street power and good economy, lol! And off topic a little bit but sorta in the same area . the equivilent Falcon . what did they go like compared to the Holden!