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surf_quiksilver, Oct 3, 11:41pm
I've noticed a lot of cars around with flags or banners covering the whole of the back window. Is this legal! Cheers.

a.woodrow, Oct 3, 11:48pm
yes or no depending on how the vehicle is registered. cars no, vans can be. will the police care! probably not

johnf_456, Oct 4, 12:50am
Yes it is illegal for some vehicles and I have reported a few to my friends in law enforcement.

bellky, Oct 4, 12:53am
you sound like a barrel of laughs lol (i know you're kidding;-))

quickstitch, Oct 4, 2:56am
no he's not. He has no life

johnf_456, Oct 4, 3:03am
As above why don't we just paint out the whole windows and have super dark tints on all windows! same logic right! I do have a life but in all fairness if people get ticketed for tints then flags blocking a complete windows out should have the same offense tied to it. Or is it one rule for this and one rule for that! A lot can't drive properly let alone a flag blocking out the rear vision mirror obstructing there view.

fordkiwi27, Oct 4, 3:07am
god john that is a all time low, defies belief!

johnf_456, Oct 4, 3:10am
Give me a practical reason on why you think its okay! Then explain why its okay vs tinted out windows and overlays which make vehicles decline wof's as a AVI. Also for future reference please don't call me john.

Shall we just paint every windows black shall we or put the darkest tints you can find on!

oramac, Oct 4, 3:13am
There is nothing worse than zealots.

fordkiwi27, Oct 4, 3:13am

dinky17, Oct 4, 3:16am
JOHN,get life!llive and let live!

surf_quiksilver, Oct 4, 3:19am
Because I never check my mirrors anyway.

bellky, Oct 4, 3:19am
fair enough

richardmayes, Oct 4, 3:30am
As long as people with rugby flags obscuring their rear windows only reverse over their own children, and not mine, I can't get too upset about it.

saki, Oct 4, 3:57am
That is why we have mirrors on our doors

fordkiwi27, Oct 4, 4:00am
john words fail me!

johnf_456, Oct 4, 4:02am
Have you got anything constructive to add yet, like why you think its okay vs tints and overlays etc!
Once again don't call me John.

fordkiwi27, Oct 4, 4:22am
john. i bet you are one of these people that complain about everything that you see. continually ringing councils,police etc. what did your cop "friends" say when you ring up to nark in some people with flags covering their back windows! in the" world" of john they should have been hunted down by SWAT and put on a firing line. NARK .yep

johnf_456, Oct 4, 4:29am
Dude I was joking read up a bit and obviously some don't like to be found out so they use the term nark to blame others for not taking personal responsbility like some do in this country. If no one reported anything hell. Since many people in nz cannot take personal responsibility. But at the same I time I dis agree with people thinking its okay to have flags blocking views, its no different to super dark tints etc which is a wof failure. Once again please don't call me John.

johnf_456, Oct 4, 4:41am
I am now stop with the name calling and trying to stir.

fordkiwi27, Oct 4, 4:43am
name calling! john is short for john_456. get over it.

taipan4, Oct 4, 5:08am
while they are tinting their windows, spray some black paint on the taillights
as well. so following vehicles have no idea what your intentions are. dumb arses

mellisa2000, Oct 4, 7:18am

sw20, Oct 4, 7:28am
law enforcement really means Trade Me moderator

johnf_456, Oct 4, 7:30am
Aren't we funny erh no and for the reference yes I do have police friends. But earlier up I was joking as explained later but no one got it.

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