Power Steering Fluid in Alternator

blueaeroplane, Oct 6, 4:18am
Quick Q folks.

Falcon EF 1998 S/W, 258,000kms

Power Steering pump started to make grinding noise. I was away, told Mrs Blue to park up and leave. All fluid had leaked out, and being situated where 'tis, much of that fluid has leaked on and into the alternator.
So had a new pump installed today. The alternator seems okay, obviously have wiped away as much of the external fluid as I can. Is it likely that the alternator will fail at some point .is the fluid damaging!


unclejake, Oct 6, 4:19am
I expect it will be sweet

blueaeroplane, Oct 6, 4:22am
Thanks unclejake that's music to my ears!

crzyhrse, Oct 6, 4:56am
Yes. They don't last forever.

NZTools, Oct 6, 5:03am
Give it a good hose out with degreaser and water. They are waterproof, but a a coating of oil that attracts dirt and grime to stick to everything inside the altenator will kill it reasonably quickly.

blueaeroplane, Oct 6, 5:10am
Thanks NZ tools, found this on Aus Ford Forum, looks like it could be a problem - 'beware of power steering fluid leaking into the alternator,
as the fluid turns the carbon brushes in the alternator to paste, when this happens the alternator light stays on & it wont charge the battery.fix power steering leak, replace alternator brushes to avoid being stranded.'

mrfxit, Oct 6, 5:18am
Yep give a good blast with a hose all through the alternator.
Should be easy enough to check the brushs

m16d, Oct 6, 5:24am
It wont go rusty.

dent, Oct 6, 6:05am
Im picking it will give you grief at some stage. Holdens had the same problems with there pump leaking in to the alternator and have had to replace a few alternators because of this.

unbeatabull, Oct 6, 6:07am
Just give it a good brakeclean/degrease and wash, should be ok.

blueaeroplane, Oct 6, 6:17am
Thanks folks, will do.BTW you should see the convoy of utes and 'cruisers and trailers and swags and slabs of VB balanced on trays passing thru Cowra on the way to Bathurst today.'tis a cool sight to be sure!

fordcrzy, Oct 6, 7:23am
oh that brings back memories. i remember loading up 11 slabs of beer for me and the missus to go to bathurst. (yes i took her to Bathurst, she loved it and didnt ask any stupid questions.):)

blueaeroplane, Oct 6, 7:37am
Yeah - a lot from Southern NSW but there are plates from the ACT, Victoria and even Tassie - know nothing (at all) about V8's but taking my boys up as it's only an 1 1/2 hours from here (well, normally) and it's not to be missed.

panicky, Oct 6, 7:52am
I hope your using the correct power steering fluid now

rob_man, Oct 6, 8:03am
Are you still allowed to take your own beer to Bathurst! One of the reasons I find AVESCO such an objectionable organisation is they won't allow you to takeyour own food or drink to meetings whenever they're here. Not even your own thermos of coffee.

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