Car steering/power steering seizing up? TIA

twolittlebears, May 31, 1:41am
Could anyone give me a hint as to why this is happening.

Our car's steering has been seizing up a little of late, mainly happens first thing in the morning, however it is fine when we use the car later in the day when it has warmed itself up a little.Takes us a good 7-8 times to get out of our drive in the morning, turning and reversing.There is also a wee grinding sound when we turn the steering wheel, you can kind of hear it when you're outside the car too.

Power steering fluid levels are fine also.

pandai, May 31, 1:44am
What do you drive!

twolittlebears, May 31, 1:46am
Toyota Cavalier (1996) named Kermit

sr2, May 31, 1:49am
I'd start with checking the P/S belt. (Waits for the Cavalier coments!)

twolittlebears, May 31, 1:52am
Say what you want, we like our car.At least it isn't a Ford.

Will check the PS belt when I get home.

mugenb20b, May 31, 5:58am
Might pay to plan its funeral soon.

henderson_guy, May 31, 6:02am
Power steering belt loose and slipping! Leak in the Power Steering system resulting in no fluid! Check those first.

franc123, May 31, 6:12am
So you thought you'd buy a reliable Toyota did you instead of a crap Ford!Oookayyy.

twolittlebears, May 31, 6:37am
All sorted :)Something was trapped in some thingy.a wee stone found it's way in - stone removed, bit of an oil up and good as gold.Hasn't failed a warrant in 3 years and hasn't needed anything other than the usual service in that time either so this came as a wee suprise.

Thank you to that that gave constructive advice.I shall let the messageboard mechanics get back to what they do best.being mechanics on a messageboard ;)

phillip.weston, Apr 23, 3:02am
No, it's worse - it's a Chevrolet.