Yamaha Motor Seized

snj11, Oct 7, 4:51am
have an old Yamaha DT175 2 stroke dirt bike, was having a ride tody when it seized, back wheel locked up and kick start is now stuck and wont turnover, it had plenty of oil in it but when I drained it before itdidnt look flash, contaminated with something, i just dont know what, im assuming the only way forwrd from here is a rebuild! Or is the a chance of a cheap fix!

attitudedesignz, Oct 7, 4:54am
LMFAO, i had a DT175 do EXACTLY the same thing. Pull spark plug, fill cylinder with oil and leave for a week, then kick the crap outa it until all oil out of cylinder, put plug back in, bingo, free again.

snj11, Oct 7, 5:20am
Awesome, will, give it a whirl in the morning, that would be a great outcome, fingers crossed, would it be better to fill with oil or something else!

attitudedesignz, Oct 7, 5:36am
I used oil because i was 17 and that's what the old man had in the shed lol. Diesel may also work mate.

snj11, Oct 7, 5:37am
yeah was thinking diesel. cheers

plasticboys, Oct 7, 5:51am
lf l was you take the head and barrel of not a big job at all give the piston a file up and sand the barrel . it maybe the conrod seized

countrypete, Oct 7, 6:09am
Well, this happened to me years ago, and when I pulled it down the piston was in 1,000 pieces.Hopefully you will be more lucky.

m16d, Oct 7, 6:13am
Yer woulda done some damage to the bore and piston.it doesn't cost too much for a rebore and new piston and rings. well mine didn't, but that was back in 1980. think mine was called a CT2,or CT175.
Still got a set of clutch plates for it, brand new still in unopened bag.

rlr29, Oct 7, 8:08am
Does it have an oil pump!Disconnect it and run premix.

snj11, Oct 7, 8:41am
yeah has oil pump.

hurricaneken, Oct 7, 8:49am
What year is it i may have a barrel and piston for it, can have it if i still got it

snj11, Oct 7, 9:08am
Hi that would be great,its an 85 approx

hurricaneken, Oct 7, 9:12am
sorry my ones a 1980 so i think is different.84 up they changed engine. welcome to try though

snj11, Oct 7, 9:13am
thanks for the offer, there are a few rebuild kits cheap on here so maygo down that road if it comes to it

hurricaneken, Oct 7, 9:14am
happy to lend u a hand with it if you want

snj11, Oct 7, 9:19am
sounds like you know your stuff, I wasnt sure whether to give it a go myself or pay some one. i know my way round a car but never touched a bike mechanically

hurricaneken, Dec 16, 10:53pm
yeah im always working on bikes so do know a bit, just let us know if you want help,