Scooter help. I currently own a 1997 yamaha mint 50cc scooter it has lost power i asked at a bike shop how chunky the clutch sho

056cripz, Nov 6, 10:35am
I currently own a 1997 yamaha mint 50cc scooter it has lost power i asked at a bike shop how chunky the clutch should be they said 2mm thick and it is around about that thick i took the cover off where the clutch is contained in and all the oil goes into as it is awet clutch and have broken the gasket does anyone know what i could make a cheapo gasket out of i did try cardboard but that leaked lol. maybe cardboard wrapped in tin foil would that work at all! i have no gasket paper and trying not to spend money on it just want to get it going before i do that it heats up the clutch as the oil leaks out but i can get it to go and how do you set a carburetor for one of thesebikes! maybe someone could tell me how many times to turn the screws cheers. any help is appreciated.

jmma, Nov 6, 10:39am
How much can a gasket cost, try the cardboard from a weetbix packet, they are cheap.

056cripz, Nov 6, 11:10am
Sorry this is a question about a bike not about grammar etc.

O.k so all I want to know is how can you make a cheap gasket and how to set the carburetor sorry about that I get carried away.

056cripz, Nov 6, 11:11am
Thanks I shall try the weet-bix box cardboard if I am able to get bike running good then i shall buy the proper gaskets.

mrfxit, Nov 6, 5:53pm
Yes we can SEE that, but it helps us a lot, to be able to READ without having to translate first

056cripz, Nov 6, 9:14pm
mrfxit wrote:

Well clearly you don't know how to set a carby so does it really matter to you.

redmouse, Nov 7, 2:45am
Good god! do you squeek when you walk!

sas777, Nov 7, 8:51am
OP you're putting the cart before the horse - buy a gasket then you will stand a half decent chance of getting your bike to run, and not have a melted lump of scrap on your hands. Carbs are easy enough to adjust if you look closely.

But maybe this is another of friendly_prawns wind ups.

fryan1962, Nov 7, 10:10am
Seriously buy a clutch you do not want to break down .better to fix than do dodgy and break down with no tools. re car idle screw in back out one and half turns. this adjustment does not really go out.sometimes saving money cost you money.replace plug and air cleaner i think they may be your issue

owene, Nov 7, 10:57am
More likely that the carb has got a bent flutter shaft. Strip it down and check. If it's not that then it could be the arktifier lead - is it definately connected!

056cripz, Nov 8, 2:25am
everything is connected up yeah just having hard time setting the carb rite coz there are 3 screws one for air or something and one for the gas! is that how it goes! and the one for the bottom where float is whick i have screwed all way in or the gas leaks out. it has a new spark plug the air filter is off as it is very hard to get to the carby with it on.

056cripz, Nov 8, 2:37am
i have cleaned the carby out several times but i may have not screwed the float in rite im not exactly sure coz it can be adjusted!

illusion_, Nov 8, 3:36am
take it to the shop

056cripz, Feb 11, 11:08pm
Yeah i have taken it into shop year or so ago now and back then he told me he wlould not touch it i wanted him to set carby but wouldn't touch it told me it was to horey and unroad worthy coz of the breaks etc and stearing wich i fixed but only one bike shop here he wont touch it hence the i want to fix it myself cheerz