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shelleigh, Jun 9, 12:42am
After over 25 years of buying my first motorbike - a Yamaha DT175, I'm looking at buying my second one later this year. I've always known my next one would be a road bike and would like people's opinions, especially womens', on the YZF600 please.
I'm around 5ft6, average build and wanting a fun, economical and reliable bike that is comfortable for long rides as well as zipping around urban areas.
Thanks :)

crzyhrse, Jun 9, 1:13am
Zipping kills!

shelleigh, Jun 9, 1:33am
Haha crzyhrse. I had thought 400cc would be plenty big enough but love the look of the YZF and the reviews I've read about it sound like it would be ideal for me.

trouser, Jun 9, 1:33am
The thunder-cat would fit the bill nicely. It has a lovely torquey (for a 600) motor.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 1:43am
Thanks trouser :) From the reviews it certainly sounds like it "purrs" along quite nicely. I was lucky enough to get taken for a blat on a Honda Gold Wing several years ago then the owner got me to ride it! I'd never ridden anything bigger than a 600cc, had never pillioned anyone before and was so amazed at how easy it was on this huge bike.
So I'm very excited about finally getting my own road bike :)

321mat, Jun 9, 2:08am
AND THIS is why so many older people (esp. blokes) get killed.They "used" to ride a motorbike, they had not done so for decades, but years later they decide to again, and get killed - BECAUSE todays motorcycles are LIGHTYEARS more advanced AND FASTER, than the Norton Commandos and Yamaha DT175's of the 60's and 70's.

PLEASE, for your OWN safety - do a refresher course in riding, and maybe ride a smaller bike for a few weeks BEFORE riding something that is lethal in inexperienced hands.PLEASE.

The vast majority of motorcycle deaths and injuries are older blokes (like you and me) who haven't ridden for years.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 2:09am
Hi Tigertim - I have seen the r6 and that is probably the model I would get as I'm not wanting any older than about two years. Am looking at spending around $10k-15k.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 2:12am
321mat a very valid post. I will certainly NOT be letting loose on a 600 without riding smaller bikes first. Anyone who does needs a good kick up the backside!
And I will be taking it easy when I do get my bike by getting the feel of it on very quiet rides and building up my competancy on it as well as my confidence before getting onto the main roads. Even if I wasn't a mum I would still do so but being one gives me an added incentive AND responsibility to do so.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 2:13am
PS And I'mnot a bloke :)

trogedon, Jun 9, 3:36am
The Thundercat is going to be a more comfortable bike and if you get one in good condition it'll last well and you'll save heaps of $ on the R6. I tried out a new Thundercat and really liked it but my legs were too long for the fairing! (I'm '6 "1 though).

doug207, Jun 9, 4:09am
The YZF600 Thundercat was a nice sports-touring bke, the R6 not so much, the pre '06 R6 (I think 06 was the year they made them over in a major way) were very nice bikes too, the later ones are not so comfy.
If you have 10-15k to spend.then the sky is your limit. I myself would get a Street Triple for that coin.

Good luck, keep it safe, I pay enough in ACC levies as it is.

Nice sidecar bob1120!

shelleigh, Jun 9, 4:14am
Kazbanz you aren't seeming like a nana at all especially when too many people don't respect the speed and power of motorcycles.
Did you read my post #9! There is no way I will be getting straight on a 600cc bike and cruising the highways after over 25 years of not riding.
They say life begins at 40 and at 45 I have a lot more living to do lol
Bob that link didn't bring up a photo of a bike.

gunhand, Jun 9, 4:27am
Im not against the R6 and others like the GSXR 600, ZX 600, Triumph 675 and CBR 600R but these bikes what you are looking at were pretty much built for one reason. Race tracks. Have you sat on one! Im also 5' 6" and have ridden these types of bike as well as there big brothers and I can tell you there not alot of fun if your abit older and not as flexable as you once were. It may seem ok for an hour or so (if that) but if you want to tour you may regreat it.
Also these bike need high revs to achieve anything so you will be constantly up around 7,8,9000 rpm to keep it singing and more.
I strongly suggest taking one for a good ride and dont be blinded by looks.
There are so many other bikes in that price range that are very good bikes and also able to track days etc but are much more usefull for day to day work and touring.Even the humble 600 hornet (new one) will keep up with race bread 600s.Go online and check out what that kinda bike that money gets you and dont dismiss some with out riding. It does depend on what you like visually of course.
I to would recommend the Thundercat but id go to its big brother Thunderace. More comfortable and practacable as well. And you wont have to rev the shit out of it either. It will well and truly keep up with most things.
Most modern bikes are a doodle to ride and fell quite light once your moving (the big ones) so dont be put off by size.
And if you really want a sport bike have you thought of the GSXR750. these are as good if not better in some way than the 600 and pretty much look the same. And about 10kph quicker.
Good luck in your search.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 4:38am
Gunhand I haven't sat on one yet. I'm lucky I keep good health and am still pretty flexible. However I realise that won't always be the case so am open to suggestions regarding bikes.
Orignally I was thinking 400cc would bebig enough for me until I saw the YZF. Itotally relate to what you are saying about bigger bikes and being light once moving - the Gold Wing I rode was 1500cc and I was stunned how light it felt once I opened the throttle up a little. It was awesome riding it and that's when I knew for sure that one day I would get a road bike :)
At this stage I'd probably be doing about four hours in a day but that could easily change in the next year or so.

doug207, Jun 9, 5:06am
Another thing worth mentioning is, I'm 5ft-6.5 and am not comfy on the later R6's.

Sit on/test ride everything you possibly can

gunhand, Jun 9, 6:26am
Shelleigh, Since you have ridden and coped with a Goldwing the world is your oyster as far as bikes go.
If you buy a 2nd hand R600 anything the chances are it will have been used for its purpose and may well be a hand grenade. Even motor noters while liking these kind of bikes admit to the discomfort after a short ride. 4 hours plus is long stint on one of these. Ive ridden bikes all my life and not that long ago owned a 1000 sport bike. One 400km trip I did I promptly went into the bike shop I got it from on the way home from said trip and told them they could have it back. They kindly swapped it for something so much more sensable. After a ride I can get off not fall off lol.
There are so many bikes to choose from its not funny. If i was advising someone who wanted a all round bike and had a full licence I would say look at a Blackbird or even better a ZX1400. Ive owned a 14 and I can tell you these bikes are so easy to live with its not funny and will do everthing and more you may want. Unless your dead set on racing or track days, but still they will be very compatant.
The Blackbird is also a easy bike to ride as well but the 14 is in a class of its own.
Its happy at 50kph or 250kph not like loony 600Rs. And you can get near new ones well within your budget.
What is your main intentions for the bike you want to own!

toxicgreen., Jun 9, 6:32am
Grouse.i like girls.Onething i think of is it all seems fun and novel to start with, but one issue that bores me is close ratio gearboxes, speaicialy on dirtbikes/alwaysup and down full time. Or watever bike you get make the chain and sprockets high geared/makes each gear broarder but may overgear topgear.make it suit yr general riding area

thelms, Jun 9, 6:40am
hahayou should ofsold it in parts would of given you at least $500 for the parts I wanted, nana!

gunhand, Jun 9, 6:43am
Probably wouldnt but I reckon you would always be wondering. The japs do make very durable bikes for sure. Oh and I got mate who's used R1 busted on him big time.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 6:43am
Doug I will be sitting on a few as I don't want to be sitting too low however I want to be able to have my feet flat when stopped.
Gunhand I probably only rode the Gold Wing for about 20 minutes but it certainly was long enough to give me a taste of the freedom you get riding a machine like tha! It was on a back road and I was suprised how easy it was to ride. I felt very safe riding it especially when I hadn't pillioned someone before. Because I was very aware that I hadn't ridden such a big bike before AND pillioned someone, I was very careful not to open the throttle too much or too quickly. But it must be a real buzz when you do :)
I'm going to be using it mainly on sealed roads. Definitely not going on race tracks. So that's why I don't want any bigger than around 600. Might get too many speeding tickets if I have too much power!

thelms, Jun 9, 6:56am
Correct! I have had the '07 R6 and have a '08 FZ6 these are a fantastic road bike and much better than the R6 for the road, the FZ6's don't have a very good following here in NZ so you can pick them up fairly cheap.

shelleigh, Jun 9, 6:59am
Tigertim and Thelms thank you for that.
Thelms why don't the FZ6's have a good following in NZ!

gunhand, Jun 9, 7:07am
thats a very good question, there are many underated bikes out there. basicly a detuned naked R6. Maybe you should look into the FZ8 ex demo.
I see you are in Oamaru so MCR is your shop to as you may well know. They still have new FZ6s. I think lol.

thelms, Jun 9, 7:20am
I really don't know maybe overpriced new! I personally think the early ones '04-'06 look ugly but the later'07- '09 look much nicer, yamaha have stopped making these models now but bring out a more budget model still FZ6 ( I think they maybe called XJ6 Diversion in other countries) but with a steel chassis, look ok but a very budget frame and suspension, still overpriced though, You canpossibly find a '08 - '09under $7k this model will have black aluminium frame/swingarm and a black motor, (around 90hp) will also have under seat exhaust, they race this model in aussie called the FZ6 CUP and they go hard!

zetec, Jun 9, 7:34am
If you like Yamaha (my first bike was a DT175 as well), the XJ6 has been around a couple of years and has good reviews, around $12k new, or the just released FZ8 (around $16k) has really good reviews, and the reviewer (think I read it in Autocar NZ) said it is lot easier to ride than most sport 600's with a much more flexible engine. If I was buying a bike I would be very keen on the FZ8.