BA falcon heater wont turn off

faybian, Aug 27, 8:04am
even when car is off and doors shut any help thanks

mike77, Aug 27, 8:53am
Describe the problem again, do mean the fan keeps blowing and you can't turn the fan off!
Under normal operation, can you still control the flow of air, i.e. from foot vents, to face vents to demister vents etc! Does it change from hot to cold!
BA's had a couple of issues in this area, but I'm not sure I understand your question.

mike77, Aug 27, 8:55am
If you open and shut all the doors fast enough and in unison, you may create enough positive pressure inside the cabin to stop the flow of air and stall the fan.

compie, Aug 27, 9:02am
if the fan is stuck on high speed with no control using the fan speed knob there is 2 common faults. the first is, under the bonnetinfront of the air filter box ther are two plugs in the main wiring loom attatched to the body, one of these is known to corrode whenwater enters it causing a short circuit. the other is the heater module (known as the HIM) can have an internal short.both give the same symptoms.

faybian, Aug 27, 9:07am
sorry yea fan stays on full speed cant change speed can change direction and can change from hot to cold

compie, Aug 27, 9:18am
Symptom: Battery going flat over night, heater fan or fuel pump running with ignition switched off.
Diagnosis: Inspect for water ingress into the C-125 connector located between the LHF headlight and the airbox assembly.
Repair: Clean out connector, make sure that none of the pins have corroded. Seal connector with silicone to prevent further water ingress.

If that doesnt solve it you probably need a new heater module, i think they are around $750+gst new and you need to remove the entire dash and centre console to fit plus a ford dealer needs to program the new module. in other words hope for some water in that connector!

unbeatabull, Aug 27, 10:58am
Compie has it sorted. Have had to do too many of these myself, more often then not it ends up being the HIM Module, which is a solid 4 hour job without rushing it.

gregmran, Aug 28, 1:31am
If it had a HER module it wouldn't bloody go at all unless you romanced it.

unbeatabull, Aug 28, 1:51am
At least the car would stay clean!

ruaphu, Aug 28, 1:58am
Yep Compie has it covered. Just an FYI if you need more info. & mates use this site to sort issues from time to time. Cheers

bex5, Oct 2, 2:12am
Must be the day for it, our fan did exactly the same thing this morning, had to pull the fuse to avoid a flat battery, (BA Flacon as well).