V8 past the last and final test this avo

pipstarz, Oct 9, 5:41am
it towed the boat outta the boat ramp, No worries! Been waiting for a fine day to test it out for ages. So it ticks all the boxes and super happy with the car. Now if the holdens win this avo it'l top the day off!

skully13, Oct 9, 6:19am
Well it's been a good day for you then.

taurus2, Oct 9, 6:46am
That's the difference to V8 Holden's and V8 Fords. one you tow the boat with (Holden's) the other you use for mooring the boat. (Ford) LOL.

richynuts, Oct 9, 6:58am
user name taurus. whats up with that!

bigfatmat1, Oct 9, 7:00am
closet taurus owner

pipstarz, Dec 19, 4:01pm
lol ouch.