Gas tank too close to exhaust!

mellisa2000, Oct 11, 3:27am
Hmmm, great photo. Can't comment yet. Sorry.

crzyhrse, Oct 11, 3:51am
Yeah, bit close for my liking. I'd want 100mm clearance.

jenny188, Oct 11, 4:08am
petrol needs a spark to ignite the fumes. I don't see it "boiling" the gas in the tank . Take it for a drive, does the tank get to hot to touch!. Plan b: give it to the wife to drive

buchananz, Oct 11, 4:39am
You may be able to put a heat sheild between exhaust and petrol tank.

michelle322, Oct 11, 4:54am
Not a problem,enough clearance for a metal tank.Will only get hot when running stationary,driving will have air cooling.

trader127, Oct 11, 4:56am
yeah thats what I thought michelle322! I will see how hot it gets, I might wrap the exhaust pipes with some header wrap too just in case!

mrfxit, Oct 11, 5:00am
Yep needs a shield of some sort.
it's not so much heat, but possible knocking together that may be more of a problem
Rattles/ heat/ metal sparks etc ,. oh yea & some heat issues
Any heat issues would be from sitting idling & constant around town driving

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