How many kms 2 a tank of gas

urabus9, Sep 26, 9:53am
hi i have a 1993 320i bmw how many kms can i get to a tank of gas on the open rd!

sw20, Sep 26, 9:55am
Probably less than a 1993 325i BMW.

r15, Sep 26, 9:55am
you tell us

jarrod261, Sep 26, 9:55am
Whats the prize for the correct answer!

cmx4eva, Sep 26, 10:00am

morrisman1, Sep 26, 10:17am
Why don't you work it out! There are plenty of gas stations around to fill up when it starts getting low

What you get will depend on your driving style, how well maintained the vehicle is, traffic, wind and the road you are driving.

urabus9, Sep 26, 10:20am
and what do u get!

crzyhrse, Sep 26, 2:58pm
How long is my piece of string!

v8_mopar, Sep 26, 5:08pm
Thats 350ks. I can get there and back in a 4l coon on a full tank (just) but in saying that I can use a whole tank just getting one way if I have a heavy foot

yogibearz, Sep 26, 5:54pm
depends how heavy your right foot is.

bill-robinson, Sep 26, 6:32pm
why has it got 2 tanks! I have only got one in my car

jsbike, Sep 26, 8:21pm
Double the length from one side to the middle. And its actually a string "section" you have, without it being a string section it would go forever in each direction ;)

saxman99, Sep 26, 9:25pm
About 700.

rocker_553, Sep 27, 12:58am
The OP asked a legitimate question, jeez. Here's all you'll ever need to know about your Beamer (albeit no fuel consumption figures.):!specID=15222&make=BMW

At a guess I'd say it should be getting around 700-750kms per tank, if it's been maintained well.

sunwest, Sep 27, 6:58am
My van costs 30.00 per hr approx in gas to run, well thats how i work it out.

snapperitup, Sep 27, 7:26am
Everyones tanks are different sizes, some are 40-45 some are 80- 100 ltres I guess if you are getting 500 kms from a 100 ltr tank that all right, mine i get a 3rd to what i put in.$30 I get a hundred kms which is a third which is below average.

alimac1, Sep 27, 7:48am
a cc is a cc. The size never changes

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