Which is best, Rotary or Vtec or V8!

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frankie70, Jan 25, 6:26am
vtec are for wee amatuar boy racers, rotarys are cool when they are going but they are slow the main selling point in a rotary is the pulse an high rev counter, but now there is a v8 which is a mans car that drives freakn fast pull like fuk an sound mint

ninja_man, Jan 25, 6:34am
that statement is wrong in so many ways

gunhand, Jan 25, 6:46am
Ive a few V8s in my time, one was a 289 mustang, free reving we thing it was and good for doin skids due to light arse end. BUT, almost any other car over 1.5 would (did) annihilate it in most ways. Maybe not towing a load tho.
Mostly a girls V8 lol unless breathed on.

gadgit3, Jan 25, 6:52am
V8 for sound and pure HP and toque
Rotor love the simplicity and power to weight.
VTEC great back in the 90's but try Valvematic it you want a efficient piston NA engine.

friendly_prawn, Jan 25, 7:54pm
yeah but Rotary's are the fastest!

delerium1, Jan 25, 11:50pm
it burns and leaks so much oil that you just keep topping it up, no change needed.

delerium1, Jan 25, 11:53pm
toyota, VVTi-L 2001 I believe.

project.d, Jan 26, 12:34am
i had a 5.7 commodore vt went alright in a straight line nothing to brag about at all but it all goes seriously wrong in corners chassis creaking massive understeering what a joke! never own another one of those! not saying v8s are crap good rumble good towing capabilty, not going to be a typical hater and pick on hondas i know a few hondas that are quick around the track not the fastest in a straight line but still alot more fun than understeering and fearing for your life lol and yes i will hate on the hondas that get done up gayspec big kit stupid colours and trying to kill all performance they have, like decently built rotarys good conversion since there so light and low mounted and the sound of a rotary at 10,000rpm sound pretty nasty! but then again ill stick with my rb lol not hating not going to be a typical boyracist in there 40s hating on people doing there own things =)

nonameleft, Jan 26, 12:44am

bellky, Jan 26, 1:04am
beast. 4sale too i think

friendly_prawn, Jan 26, 1:08am
i 1ce bet a supa chrgd V8 in my stndrd rotanga. left da dinasoa V8 4 ded.
rotary's rule!

brap brap brap brap brap brap!

1ollie, Jan 26, 1:10am
You are an idiot in so many ways

1ollie, Jan 26, 1:13am
Sounds like a fairly decent driveline setup but what and ugly lumber beanback sack it is other than that

nonameleft, Jan 26, 4:35am
it is 4 sale.and was a shitty road. it goes far better now.

turton, Jan 26, 4:50am

jasongroves, Oct 13, 9:56am
An 8 rotor with Vtec of course.

trdbzr, Oct 13, 9:57am
*grabs some popcorn and waits for all the trolled people to start coming in*

robssei, Oct 13, 10:26am
I really enjoy my 95 diamante 30M, came with the 3l quadcam v6, with mivec, not many around (and NOT GDI) and great power stock 199kW, not bad for a NA V6. good combo, V6, and Mivec . each to thier own.

johnf_456, Oct 13, 10:39am
oh no i can see where this is going, I guess as long as it can do 180k's sideways right!

jarrod261, Oct 13, 10:40am
end of thread


ninja_man, Oct 13, 11:09am
rotary, 20b with a t51r turbo!

ginga4lyfe, Oct 13, 11:15am
One of each, a V8 to start the rotary to wind up the super charger for the Vtec yo!

whqqsh, Oct 13, 4:33pm
easy. a V-tec if you want to look like a w**ker, rotary if you want to sounds like one & V8 if you want to point & laugh at one. just kidding, whatever floats your boat then buy it!

marmatt, Oct 13, 6:54pm
been a fan of rotas for25 yearsbut these days in tending to go for a 2jz or twin turbo v8but rotas are a passion that grows on you , the amount of power that can be made from a small engine is getting betterwith bullet parts starting to provea lot of thingspacmazfix and other in aus but the pr guys are jsut insane

gusthe1, Oct 13, 7:23pm
ROTARY and RELIABLE. Now theres two words you dont see together too often.