Ok, these jags, 1999 4.0 ltr v8,s type

nzshooter01, Oct 28, 10:41pm
99,000k's, 12-13000$, would you buy one, if not what is wrong with them!, thnks guys

mugenb20b, Oct 28, 10:47pm
No, I wouldn't buy one. What's wrong with them! The price, fuel economy, lack of reliability and the cost of parts.

vtecintegra, Oct 29, 12:38am
I wouldn't buy one because they feel like a cheap facsimile of a real Jag inside and out.

XJ as where its at, they retain the classic Jag proportions

saxman99, Oct 29, 5:10am
Mate, Surely if you like the look of them and like the way it drives, then just buy one and **** what everyone else thinks. Life is short.

mugenb20b, Oct 29, 5:17am
But not worth going bankrupt over a stupid car.

steelman3, Jan 15, 7:46am