Xf v8 pricing!

tekaholics, Oct 26, 6:53pm
I have a XF ford falcon, with a 351 cleveland in it. I am going to be putting it on trademe. But I am just wanting to know, how much these go for. It needs to be certed and also needs a torque convertor and front windscreen. Still drives though. The WOF for just ran out this month, for the original motor. Just wanted an opinion from car enthusists (sorry bout the spelling), so I know I have a fair price. Thank you in advance.

tantric5, Oct 26, 8:58pm
$1 reserve. let the market decide

sifty, Oct 26, 10:15pm
sounds like you are selling trouble, to be honest.

elect70, Oct 26, 11:46pm
Un certified projects worth FAmight get grand for it$1 reserve

quickstitch, Oct 27, 1:56am
all depends on how tidy the body is. if it is a good example $3000-4000

foxdonut, Oct 27, 2:18am
Sell it for parts.

kdcentralni, Oct 27, 2:30am
You'll get whatever the motor is worth.

quickstitch, Oct 27, 4:26am
well the motor/box is worth a grand upwards, and an xf body with current plates is worth a grand upwards but you will get more for it in a driveable state, even unwarranted and uncerted. as long as it is not a piece of shite it will fetch $3000 easy.

tantric5, Oct 27, 4:31am
I sold an XF Ghia which I put a worked 302 Windsor in.was pretty mint throughout and got 10k.Mind it owed me double that LOL

289 hi po heads, cam, twin lowrise manifold with polished edelbrock carbs, fully rebuilt, de loomed engine bay, holes filled etc etc etc

shift kitted c4, 3 piece arrow wheels etc etc etc etc

Sold easy enough

tekaholics, Oct 27, 11:01pm
It has a shift kit in it as weill. Some of the motor has been worked. The heads have anyway. It drives forward and backwards, just have to select D a couple times

jash3, Oct 28, 3:25am
Any photos mate!

cmx4eva, Oct 28, 10:27am
sounds like a 1g car as it is,dont think that series is sought after much.the mtr is whats gonna move it imo

tekaholics, Nov 4, 9:19pm
yep i have photos. still waiting gota put up advert on here.

jash3, Nov 5, 6:31am
Cheers bro.

tekaholics, Feb 7, 10:49pm
yea thats a gud price. Ive looked on trademe and I see that the engines alone are going for a gud price.