How much brake fluid for a complete flush!

hallucinogen_99, Nov 14, 5:35am

Would anyone know approx how much branke fluid is required for a complete flush on a 1996 Nissan Sentra!


NZTools, Nov 14, 5:37am
About a litre to do a good job.

carmedic, Nov 14, 5:37am
+1/what he said^

hallucinogen_99, Nov 14, 6:43am
Thanks for that. I havn't got a handbook in my car so don't know what grade to use, would Dot 4 be OK! Any particular brand better than another or to steer clear of!


unbeatabull, Nov 14, 6:44am
2 bottles/1 litre as suggested.

As long as it's a reputable brand, not some random chinese brand no ones heard of before will be fine. DOT4 be ok

mugenb20b, Nov 14, 6:49am
Any brand is fine. Do not use DOT 5 fluid. You can use DOT 4 or DOT 5.1

crzyhrse, Nov 14, 8:23am
Normally takes me 1L and I'm fussy about things like brakes working properly.

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