Bmw window clips

ajay_00, Nov 14, 10:32pm
does anyone know how to put bmw window clips the go inside aluminum window runner its so awkward to put the c clip on any suggestions!

budgel, Nov 14, 11:20pm
Google and ask or do a search there.

twink19, Nov 15, 2:10am
bmw have them

andrewph, Nov 15, 7:08am
Everytime we fit a new regulator we replace them. They are relatively cheap and when they get old they get brittle and split through the slot the clip goes through.

saxman99, Nov 15, 11:37pm
Wind the mechanism down almost to the bottom, fit the window and the clip where you can easily get at them through the access cutout.

ajay_00, Nov 16, 7:48am
this is so bloody fiddly grrrrrrrrrr

saxman99, Nov 16, 7:55pm
Hmmm, well you've got an approach problem maybe.I can get these clips on and off in literally seconds, but that does involve having the mechanism in the right spot, as above.If you can't move the window lift and it's in the up position then yes it would be a PITA.

.all of this assumes you are talking about a 90's Bimmer like an E30, E36, E34 etc.

budgel, Nov 17, 12:27am
Andrewph, are you a BMW tech!

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