Want Honda VFR-750 bike 1986-1992 in good cond

mattblak, Nov 19, 5:34am
But none from this era in good nick for sale on Trade Me - only later models. Wish I could attach pictures to show the kind I mean. Must be red, blue or the red, white and blue coloured model.

mattblak, Nov 19, 6:15am
This is a duplicate thread, sorry: wish I could delete it.

m16d, Nov 19, 7:44am
But seriously,why would you want to own one.!
If you love them so much,get a huge picure and stick it on the wall.

chris241, Nov 19, 7:45am
dont they have the v4 motor! if its the bike im thinking of arnt they a lemon

kazbanz, Nov 19, 7:49am
matt-sorry to be a pendantbut you are talking about 2 different bikes in one go.
The mighty vifferarricame out in 85 and went to late 1989 basicly the same in 750 and 700cc version. The teltales are the single headlight lens double sided swingarm and 16 inch front rim.
Then they came out with IMO the BEST version.the 90-94 version.
17 inch rims,single side swingarm,dual lens headlight. Darn thing was /is a joy to ride.The next one was mechanically the same but just diddn't have the same pizazz.
I have at the moment a 98 vfr800 which being honest is the same as the 750 to ride but I hate the integrated brakes

kazbanz, Nov 19, 7:50am
Chris--Nope they are from the generation AFTER the butterball cams and camchain issues. This generation are bullet proof--gfear drive cams and lots of boogie

m16d, Nov 19, 7:52am
Honda never made lemons. But seriously, if you want a Honda, buy a new one.Why buy a 25 year old bike. Technology has moved on.

mattblak, Nov 19, 8:24am
First of all, I know all about VFRs - I own a 400 for sale here on Trade Me and two of my brothers have owned various VFR-750s. And to the comedian above - I have TWO posters already, friend. The camgear driven VFRs have no issues whatsoever - except abused, high mileage examples. But abused high mileage bikes are NOT what I'm looking for. I'm only selling my 400 because after being away from biking for over a decade I bought it to get back in cheaply and though it was nice, its sports riding position doesn't suit me. I basically want the same thing but with a lot more power and comfort. What I'm describing is a VFR750. And if I wanted a modern bike, I would certainly buy one! But three quick points 1): I'm a VFR fan so that's what I want. 2): I consider most modern bikes to be very unattractive and not comfortable. And I can't afford them 3): I would rather buy a tidy used bike for $5K than a new one for 12, 15 or $20 thousand not to mention the BIG insurance costs. Used bikes were new ones once, you know and the 'old technology' statement is irrelevant.

richynuts, Nov 19, 10:22am
The pick of the VFR 750's is the 1988-89 J/K model or (RC24) they had the 17 inch wheels front and back, 41mm forks and 105hp, although only about 3kg heavier than the previous model they were much lighter thanthe next generation models, I presume this is because these earlier models still have the coventional swingarm. If you can find one grab it I haven't seen this model come up for sale for a couple of years now expect to pay around 3-4k.

richynuts, Nov 19, 10:28am
Most fun you can ever have is riding around the outside of a mate on the lastest 1000cc bike on a25year old bike. I have a 85 and a 87 fz750 and they are still heaps of fun especially the 87 model.

mattblak, Nov 19, 11:24am
FZ-750s are terrific bikes! There was one for sale on Trade Me recently but I missed my chance with that, probably because I hesitated when told that parts are now quite rare for them. But most models of VFR750s - parts aren't generally a problem for them, even after a couple decades. And I agree with richynuts above: the 88-89 model is the one I want most, though it's the rarest in N.Z. Though the first couple years of the single-sided arm bikes are pretty good - I rode one many years ago and loved it. Jeez, I've ridden a half-dozen various VFR750s and never owned one! I guess I'm trying to make up for that.

crzyhrse, Nov 19, 2:30pm
I always liked the white pearl '87 VFR750F. Rode a few and loved the power delivery. Never owned one though. I got the VF1000R instead. The RC36 VFR never took my fancy.

Had an FZ750N too. Great bike - one of my favourites.

wrong2, Nov 19, 6:55pm
well that will be 100% the rider & 0% the bike

heavy for a 750, not that powerfull for a 750 either

& with the single sided swingarm they had more unsprung mass compared to normal - something bikes are poor at & need less of

richynuts, Nov 19, 9:42pm
Yes the fz750's are getting bought up quickly now and fetching around the 3k+, a bike shop will still get 5-6k for a good low km mint one, I bought both mine a few years ago and paid $2600 for the '85 and $1800 for the 87 (bargain) both have done around 30,000km and still run like new. I think the reason for people wanting these bikes now is the pre '89 racing and back in the day alot of riders had a fz750 or new someone who had one, if your a yamaha fan in the early to mid 80'sand want to collect a yamaha what else is there to collect! RZ 250 350 etc! good luck finding a tidy one for a bargain.

kazbanz, Nov 19, 10:09pm
noe--the bike I've wanted to own for ages was the SA model GPZ900 ninjaBUT with the 17 inch wheel that came out(from memory) on the B1 model

mattblak, Nov 26, 3:48am
Just secured a decent VFR-750 from the early '90s. Thanks everyone!

kazbanz, Nov 26, 5:11am
only if you aint outbid bro

mattblak, Apr 10, 1:56pm
Ironically, I didn't get it from Trade Me!