Toyota Hiace power steering problem

mugenb20b, Dec 29, 2:42am
1991 Toyota Hiace
Engine: 3L (2.8 litre) diesel, manual
Chassis: LH123
Mileage: over 500 000kms

We had the above vehicle sitting in our yard for nearly a year, until the decision was made to recondition the engine. The engine was out and in pieces for many months, and the van was pushed around the yard a few times to clear the parking spaces. Each time, it left a deposit of power steering fluid on the ground.

Anyway, I rebuilt the engine a couple of months ago, and refitted it early December, but for some reason, the P/S pump just won't pump. P/S was working OK when the vehicle was driven off the trailer.

The system was bled many times but to no avail. At full lock, you can't hear any pressure relief valve or cavitation noise, nothing. The belt seems to be driving the pully, yet it feels like the pully isn't driving anything. No swirling in the reservoir. Before I do anything major, what do you guys reckon the problem is!

gadgit3, Dec 29, 2:45am
The veins are stuck in the rotor.

intrade, Dec 29, 2:45am
i would say the pump is dead . fit nother secoundhand one and see

mugenb20b, Dec 29, 2:46am
That's what I was thinking.

mugenb20b, Dec 29, 2:47am
Any way I could remedy that problem.easily!

gadgit3, Dec 29, 2:47am
It's only stuck veins nothing major pop the back cover off, pull the rotor out and clean the veins with wet n dry

gadgit3, Dec 29, 2:49am
Sometimes with the engine running at a decent rpm (3000) give the rear of the pump a few cracks with a hammer and they may come free.

mugenb20b, Dec 29, 2:50am
Thanks, good idea, I'll try that tomorrow and let you know how I got on.

intrade, Dec 29, 2:52am
i would just hit it with a hammer when it spins if the vaines are stuck as a test then look further. snap

mechnificent, Dec 29, 3:30am
Assuming the reservoir is remote from the pump. a mason bee has built a nest in the supply hose going to the pump, or even on the outlet could cause a airlock and prevent fluid getting to the pump!

mugenb20b, Dec 30, 12:23am
Thanks very much for all your advice guys. Half a dozen whacks with a hammer got it sorted. Worked a treat.

No mason bee nests in the lines either, which is good.

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