Mazda Capella Auction # 345341529

castlerocks, Jan 16, 8:07pm
I am looking at something like this to replace my current vehicle.

But I have no idea what these cars are like, anyone out there have any experience good or bad to share please!

NZTools, Jan 16, 9:18pm
Without making any sudden movements or noises, step slowly away from the vehicle.

It is liable to explode.

zman1, Jan 16, 9:56pm
Engines are a hand grenade just wanting to blow.

franko171, Jan 16, 11:38pm
make a fast exit

wron, Jan 17, 3:42am
I had a 1.8 petrol engined 5 speed wagon and it was incredibly reliable - did nearly 250k without anything going wrong.

paradox15, Jan 17, 4:11am
Can I have your engine! Mine popped at 220kz LOL

wron, Jan 17, 7:04am
Sorry - sold 2 years ago!

toy_turbo, Jan 17, 7:33am
LOL! :-D Yup, when my parents bought one some years back, we didn't even make it home from the dealers before the hopeless thing packed up and wouldn't go! It just stopped! :-o We had no end of trouble with it and traded it again fast!

franc123, Jan 17, 8:03am
Amazed to see one for sale, I didn't think any existed any more given the track record those RF diesel engines had, made even worse by the factory supercharged versions.At one point there they were extremely popular, in the days of 60c/litre diesel, when the Govt still hadn't properly stoked up the RUC gravy train, and mechanical warranties were freely available for them.All that changed quickly.

castlerocks, Dec 31, 10:16am
LOL . thank you for the heads up.

I will continue my search then :)

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