Evo 4 turbo upgrade

evo4fn, Jan 16, 9:54am
whats the best ]upgrades to do on a factory evo 4 to get it to pump a little more power

andrea_w, Jan 16, 9:58am
Depending on your goal, a turbo upgrade is not always needed.
The type of turbo you choose can vary with vehicle use. Street, off road, drag etc.

Its best to have a power figure in mind and buy a turbo and supporting mods to suit.

marmatt, Jan 16, 6:23pm
and do some bigger injectors too

r15, Jan 16, 7:44pm
ive found a real reliable way to upgrade an old evo 4 is to replace it with an evo 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, 9, or 10

will cause a lot less problems for you in the long run, and be worth more than a modified 4 when you sell it

phillip.weston, Jan 16, 8:34pm
find an Evo6.5 RS turbo or an Evo 9 turbo.

evo4fn, Dec 30, 2:54am
yeah just want a good street car, not to sure whats a kw range i wanna achieve just really wanna have that nice sounding worked engine, was thinking forged but not to sure just wanted to see what i could get out of the factory turbo thats on it now

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