Nissan race car, nice day for paint to dry!

pollymay, Jan 16, 11:08am
At least it's not a civic.

ginga4lyfe, Jan 16, 12:16pm
if thats going to demo darby. experience tells me. stay away from frontal impacts. as it is if you sneeze at those blue birds. they warp and crumple!, iv never driven a blue bird in a darby. let alone been in one. but iv always seen them die pretty hard!, but go hard and have fun anyways!

mk3zephyr, Jan 16, 6:49pm
Looks like a production Saloon to me not a derby car, You wouldnt go to all that extent of putting in that cage just for a derby unless you are either Mad, Have money to burn, or are really really safety concious in which case why are you doing a derby lol, Anyway car looks pretty good and hope you enjoy it, cheers, Glenn, Saloon car 269s

topcat2006, Jan 17, 12:03am
bluebirds are mad. i had a u11 turbo wagon

candy1213, Jan 17, 12:54am
yes its going in production saloon, just finding sponsors is bloody hard!
so its just sitting,

speedwayfan1, Jan 17, 1:24am
Won't find many sponsors if you're not racing it :)

candy1213, Jan 17, 1:28am
true! but no rush'''
its staying straight in the garage!

candy1213, Jan 17, 1:31am
need sponsors so I can go racing! dugh!

mk3zephyr, Jan 17, 2:52am
Sponsors!, what the hell are they!. I had sponsors for my 1st couple of years racing Streetstocks and Stockcars but this recession bullshite has put paid to any sponsorship and the car i have now costs more to run (but hey it goes a lot faster so thats all good lol), all comes out of my back pocket and i'm no where well off

vernunft, Jan 17, 3:48am
lol carjam says its a 71 holden kingwood in blue.

mk3zephyr, Dec 30, 4:45pm
hahahaha, they must have stuck the number plate on, after all it is a GM wrecker, either that or they have just glued a ford badge on it. But then again carjam get it wrong too, apparantly my diesel toyota surf is a petrol and got a bigger engine, my commodore did 700K in a 6 month period as well, funny that since i had a work vehicle and the car sat in the garage most of the time

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