Wanted ! Nissan Rasheen

ksonic, Jan 17, 6:30am
I want one of these anybody know where I can get one from.! Cheers :)

blue_van_man, Jan 17, 7:23am
only one question springs to mind.Why!

tim8069, Jan 17, 7:26am
I've seen a few around so they must be out there, quite a strange little thing, appealing to some i suppose, likely both of my sisters would love one! Wack a SR20DET or VE in one, could be a fun waste of money

ksonic, Jan 17, 8:16am
Yep somebody had to ask the big question "why" I love the look and the size and just everything about them, the reviews on them are pretty darn good to. Not everybodies cup of tea and then again I am not everybody. :) But I so have to have one. :)

ksonic, Jan 17, 8:43am
Oh man just when I had found something I really like. Well I shall not give up. :)

ksonic, Jan 17, 8:48am
Could be a long shot. But were they ever called something else. Just in case I am missing something.

ksonic, Jan 17, 8:56am
Oh thank you kazbanz. I have my fingers crossed, and toes. :)

mantagsi, Jan 17, 9:24am
Saw one in Nik-a-Part in Takanini once, no panel damage, seemed perfectly fine, and complete too as no one else seems to own one of these. Strange looking wagon!

bigjerry, Jan 17, 9:44am
how come you cant import one!

vtecintegra, Dec 31, 11:41am
Too old to meet emissions and/or safety standards

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