03 Nissan Presage comments please

thejazzpianoma, Jan 17, 11:22pm
Just be aware of what its actually going to cost you to run. Official economy figures are pretty much non existent (never a good sign) so ask around those who have one. Don't be under the disillusion that the 2.5 is going to be particularly economical.

If you are happy to pay the running costs go for gold.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 17, 11:41pm
Kaz would give you a better comparisson between those two. That said I would suggest you take a VW Touran for a try as well. The Touran has a much more advanced drivetrain and is mechanically the better car by a million miles. Normally people appreciate it costs not much more than half as much to run as well.

That said you may still prefer the ease of access in the Pressage for what you are doing. But worth a look none the less given its the same layout etc. Then you at least know you have done the rounds.

The VW would be the more nimble one around town.

Sounds like you are on the right track for your needs anyhow. Best of luck.

vtecintegra, Jan 18, 2:20am
Personally I think a basic stereo you can easily change is a big advantage.Anything that is integrated into the dashboard is a massive pain in the arse.

kazbanz, Jan 18, 2:47am
As far as I'm aware theres little difference between the radio's in the different models. Unfortunately they are a bit of a pain in the backside because theres really nowhere to fit an aftermarket unit.

craig04, Jan 18, 3:24am
Technically, yes you could compare a MPV to a Presage. But having had the unfortunate experience of owning an MPV, I can confidently say a closer comparison for an MPV would be a big steaming pile of turds.

whoz_datgurl, Jan 18, 3:59am
dog and lemon.
thats where u should go.

craig04, Jan 18, 4:10am
Sliding doors are an absolute god-send. Especially if you have kids in kiddie car seats.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 18, 8:22pm
You can regually get Touran's for about 12K.

Not sure exactly what you plan on spending but it might be worth sitting down with a calculator and looking at the running costs. The difference in day to day running cost may well justify stretching a little on the initial price to go for the Touran.

thejazzpianoma, Jan 4, 5:01pm
Like Kaz said incredibly bad advice.

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